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[Trailer] BABY OOPSIE (2021, Full Moon) Full Trailer And Behind The Scenes Video Announces Full Moon’s New Arrival

Full Moon Features holds a special place in this horror fan’s heart – and the arrival of this new film, BABY OOPSIE, is even more special as it’s the first feature filmed at their new studio located right here in my stomping grounds of Cleveland Ohio. Old school Full Moon fans will remember Baby Oopsie […]

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You A Fan Of Full Moon’s ‘Subspecies’ Franchise? Charles Band Is About To Make Your Day

It has been over 20 years since the saga of Radu has been updated – 20 YEARS! That seems almost impossible to believe. But – Charles Band and Full Moon Features are about to change all that. Subspecies V has been announced. Say it again – Subspecies V has been announced. Here’s the official word […]

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Full Moon Features Invite You To Their ‘Bunker Of Blood’ With Their First Chapter ‘Puppet Master: Blitzkrieg Massacre

You’ve got to love those crazy bastards at Full Moon Features – Charles Band and his co-horts are always finding new ways to entertain us and this go round they’ve come up with the Bunker Of Blood featuring our good buddies – the clan from Puppet Master.   I think the press release will explain […]