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Hallmark Embraces The Horror And Brings Some Slashers To Their “Itty Bitty” Line Of Collectables

When you think horror – you certainly do not think of Hallmark – as in the channel – or the greeting card store but you know what – you’re going to want to start keeping an eye on what’s going on at that Hallmark Store at that strip mall in town.   Seems they have […]

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Feed Your Fandom With These Amazing Cereal Products From Funko

Till this point, I have avoided the whole Funko Pop Collectable thing.   Already have so much stuff hanging around the man cave – really didn’t need the extra product but what does Funko go and do?   They come up with something that there is no way in hell I’m not going to buy. […]

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Most Iconic Horror Characters – Phantom Factor

Deep within the bowels of Gruesome Magazine headquarters, an elusive ghostly creature lurks. The Grue Crew can’t put their finger on what it is. Some say it’s a Batman style superhero lurking for justice in the corners. Others say it’s a vampire with massive fangs using the evasiveness to further draw you in. Plenty of […]