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[Podcast] Mon Mon Mon Monsters – Chimera – House on Elm Lake – Gruesome Magazine

This week the Grue-Crew face down Lucifer on Elm Lake, spice things up with some mad scientist horrors, and run for their lives from some mon…mon…mon…monsters. First up is the feature film  House on Elm Lake  from director James Klass has a family facing an awakened dormant evil.  The next film,  Chimera  from director Maurice […]

Dead Squad
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“Dead Squad”: Zombiefest Featuring Giant Zombie King and Queen Films in Bali

Exotic Balinese jungle locations, a seven-foot-tall zombie king, and a six-foot-eight zombie queen – What more could you want in an action/zombie/comedy/adventure film? The upcoming zombie film  Dead Squad has been shooting in Bali this month. Its two  biggest (or should we say  tallest?) stars are seven footer  Conan Stevens (Game of Thrones (2011)) and […]