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The House – The Curse of Lilith Ratchet – Episode 55 – Gruesome Magazine

This week, the Grue-Crew play a game of toss the shrunken head and wonder “what time it is, really” with this week’s selection of horror films. The first film this week is THE CURSE OF LILITH RATCHET from director Eddie Lengyel where a radio host mistakenly conjures the vengeance ghost of an angry witch. The […]

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“Scarred” (2015): Jonah Kandie Pays Homage to 80’s Slasher Films

Titties, bimbos and homicidal maniacs, the staples of the 80’s slasher. Hell, they are the staples of most horror movies in general. In Scarred, however, it is obvious the film makers are trying to be a throwback homage film to the 80’s slasher – namely. Friday the 13th. They even bring in Ari Lehman, the guy who […]