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[Podcast] Downrange — Tag — Angels vs Zombies — Gruesome Magazine

This week, the Grue-Crew witness 7 archangels battling  zombies, a class of Japanese schoolgirls  running from killer wind, and a mad sniper cornering a group of friends on a deserted highway. First up is the feature film  Angels vs Zombies  from director Emmanual Saez featuring the End of Days where a detective teams up with […]

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[Review] Downrange (Cinepocalypse, 2017): Gripping But Poorly Timed Thriller Undone By Unhinged Final Act – by Doc Rotten

Doc Rotten dives into another film from the fantastic  Cinepocalypse Film Festival held in Chicago from November 2nd through the 9th. Downrange (2017) proves to be a gripping thriller from director Ryuhei Kitamura (Versus, Godzilla: Final Wars, The Midnight Meat Train) featuring Kelly Connaire,  Stephanie Pearson, and  Rod Hernandez. The plot is extremely minimalistic with […]

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“Downrange” (2018): Ryuhei Kitamura Returns To Chill and Thrill Genre Fans

Ryuhei Kitamura is a fascinating and exciting director. For me, it all started with Versus (2000) which immediately impressed the hell out of me. Later years would bring two genre favorites Godzilla: Final Wars (2004) and The Midnight Meat Train (2008). Eleven Arts is set to bring his latest horror classic Downrange to hungry audiences […]