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You’ll die laughing with the new HELLARIOUS comedy-horror anthology

NEW HORROR COMEDY COLLECTION “HELLARIOUS” SET TO KILL WITH AUDIENCES THIS MONTH Seven Legendary Horror Comedy Shorts Assembled in First Feature-length Film of Its Kind COLUMBUS, OH – A new, devilishly funny collection of horror short films is out to kill with audiences just in time for Halloween … and there’s going to be hell […]

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“Death Metal” (2016): Carnage and Comedy Riff Together Fiercely

Guitar riffage leads to blood spillage in writer/director Chris McInroy’s horror-comedy short Death Metal, which truly lives up to its title. This film boasts enough blood and gore in its five-minute running time to fill the average feature-length film but it offers more than that, as well. Lars (Kirk Johnson in a ridiculously funny wig) […]