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Blue Velvet Revisited (Imagine Film Festival, 2019)

Imagine Film Festival, which runs April 10–20 at EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is loaded with amazing genre film fare from around the world. Among the outstanding slices of cinema offered during the fest’s first few nights this year were two films dealing with different types of domestic horror, and a behind-the-scenes documentary about […]

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[Podcast] Alien: Covenant — Twin Peaks the Return — Episode 216 — Horror News Radio

The Alien franchise returns to theaters this past weekend with Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant. While it is a direct sequel to Prometheus, featuring fan-favorite David (Michael Fassbender), the film suggests a new origin for the xenomorph species….and a plethora of gory, gruesome special effects! For the What Have You Been Watching segment, Thomas visits David […]

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[Podcast] Twin Peaks Retrospective (1990-1992) – Episode 15 – Decades of Horror 1990s

“Through the darkness of futures past. The magician longs to see. One chants out between two worlds. ‘Fire walk with me.’” The world of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s  Twin Peaks  was one of the more inventive examples of television in the early 90s. The titular Washington town had rich characters, surreal horrors and some […]

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“The Blackcoat’s Daughter” (2016): The Devil Is In The Details.

In Writer/Director Oz (Osgood) Perkins latest film, The Blackcoat’s Daughter (Formerly “February“), two girls are waiting for their parents to pick them up from the private school they attend on their Winter break. But neither Katherine’s (Kiernan Shipka) or Rose’s (Lucy Boynton) parents show up, so they’re both left at the school alone for the […]

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“Contact’’ (2009): A Surreal Hallucinogenic Experience That Leaves Us With Lots to Ponder

Contact is a short film from New York based filmmaker Jeremiah Kipp, and it’s a mind-altering experience if there ever was one.   Opening with a middle aged couple (played by Katherine O’Sullivan and Tom Reid) waiting for a guest to arrive, we are immediately transported to a seedy underbelly in a derelict estate where […]

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“Lilith’s Awakening” (2016): A Young Wife’s Surreal Odyssey Leads Her Down a Nightmarish Path

Existing in a netherworld somewhere between the surreality of David Lynch’s early films and the eerie domain of Carnival of Souls – but absolutely its own unique achievement – writer/director Monica Demes’ horror offering Lilith’s Awakening is a bold, extraordinary vision filled with gorgeous imagery and inescapable dread. Sophia Woodward is a marvel as Lucy, […]

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“Condemned” (2015): Seedy Characters Populate Odd, Bodily Fluid-Soaked Debut

Imagine [REC] peopled with the types of characters you might see in early Frank Henenlotter and John Waters movies, with low-budget attempts at early David Cronenberg-by-way-of-Troma body horror and goo effects, and a dash of David Lynch–homage-on-a-shoestring surrealism thrown in for good measure, and you might come close to guessing what it’s in store for […]