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Trailer Teases The Horrors That Await Us In The New Anthology Film ‘Blood Clots’

Hitting Vimeo and Amazon on August 3rd – the new anthology film Blood Clots promises to bring us all some good old fashioned hard core gore.  From the press release: Horror anthology Blood Clots, starring Silence of the Lambs’ Brooke Smith, hemorrhages on VOD this August! Premiering on Vimeo and Amazon, August 3rd, Blood Clots […]

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“The Call of Charlie” (2016): Lovecraftian Horror Meets Romantic Comedy in Witty Ensemble Cast Short

Being set up by friends for a blind date can have its own unique set of horrors, but when one of the potential suitors involved is an ancient, evil deity from deep beneath the sea, it’s a different situation altogether. Director Nick Spooner’s horror comedy The Call of Charlie tackles that situation exactly, with hilarious […]