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Super Channel and Blood in the Snow Partner to Bring Virtual Festival to Horror Film Fans across Canada

Following is the official press release about Blood in the Snow Film Festival presented by Super Channel. Gruesome Magazine has been covering Blood in the Snow for the past few years and we are thrilled to see the fest adapting during this difficult year. Super Channel and the Blood in the Snow Film Festival (BITS), […]

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[Review] New Woman (Blood in the Snow Film Festival): Canadian Gothic Horror Short Boasts an Entrancing Allure

The first film from Newfoundland selected in the history of Canada’s Blood in the Snow Film Festival, New Woman is a remarkable gothic horror short. It is absolutely drenched in atmosphere. The gorgeous exterior shots and wonderfully detailed interior shots belie the film’s modest budget, and the horror is of the classic, slow-reveal kind. In […]

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[Review] The Remnant (Blood in the Snow Film Festival): Crime and Creepiness Collide in Canadian Horror Short

Caper movie meets horror story in the Canadian short film The Remnant when a group of con artists try to pull one over on an elderly lady. Director Navin Ramaswaran serves up a thrilling supernatural tale that is an absolute blast to watch unfold. Sheila Hargrave (Jill Frappier) lives alone in a large, well-appointed home. […]

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Canada’s Blood in the Snow Film Festival Announces Its Knockout 2019 Lineup

Blood in the Snow (BITS) film festival, the biggest celebration of Canadian horror, is back with a fresh slate of northern chills! BITS 2019 takes placefrom November 21 to 26 at the Royal Cinema in Toronto.  With six nights of the best horror fare in the nation — including feature films, shorts, webseries, and the […]

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[Review] Darken (Blood in the Snow, 2017): Its Ambitious Script’s Reach Exceeds Its Grasp – by Doc Rotten

Gruesome’s coverage of Blood in the Snow Film Festival continues with a fantasy, sci-fi thriller Darken (2017).  Audrey Cummings directs from a script by  RJ Lackie with a cast lead by  Olunike Adeliyi, Paul Amos, and Rob Archer. In the story, Eve steps through a door into an alternate world where the denizens worship a […]

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[Review] Once Upon a Time at Christmas (Blood in the Snow, 2017): The Holiday Cheer Runs Blood Red In This Gory Yuletide Feast – by Doc Rotten

Straight from the Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival held November 23 through November 26, 2017, in Toronto comes the holiday gorrific  gem Once Upon a Time at Christmas (2017). Doc shares his reactions with Jeff Mohr praising the structure, the jolly villains, and the super splendid splatter. Simon Phillips and Sayla de Goede […]

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[Review] I Make Corpses (Blood in the Snow 2017): Serial Killer Thrives During Zombie Apocalypse

Filmmaker Kyle Martellacci tackled body horror and science fiction in his 2016 outing Candy Skin; now he’s back with another genre-hybrid short. I Make Corpses is a dark-hearted combination of a pre-slasher grindhouse movie and a zombie apocalypse tale, a sort of The Last Serial Killer on Earth by way of George S. Romero and […]

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[Review] The Child Remains (Blood in the Snow, 2017): Chilling Tale of a House Haunted by Infanticide Delivers Eerie Atmosphere and Fine Performances    

Canadian independent horror offering The Child Remains borrows from the heartbreaking, true story of the “Butterbox Babies” – a series of murders and illegal adoptions at a Novia Scotia maternity home in the 1920s through 1940s – as a jumping-off point, and puts a supernatural spin on things. The result is a brooding, atmospheric chiller […]

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[Review] Red Spring (Blood in the Snow 2017): Post-Apocalyptic Vampires Target Band of Survivors in Canadian Indie Effort

Jeff Sinasac has an impressive string of credits as an actor, and with the Canadian independent horror film Red Spring, he offers an accomplished debut as a feature-film writer and director, as well. He takes some tried-and-true scare fare elements and puts enough original spins and, more importantly, heart into the movie to deliver a […]

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The Blood in the Snow Film Festival Returns For Sixth Year of Nightmares from the North

  The Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival (BITS) returns for a sixth year of thrills, chills, and bloody Canuck carnage, running  November 23—26, 2017  at Toronto’s Royal Cinema. Gruesome Magazine is proud to announce that we have been selected to cover the festival, and the Grue-Crew looks forward to bringing our readers reviews […]