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[Review] Devil’s Junction: Handy Dandy’s Revenge – It’s Rare a Movie Gets So Much Wrong

Directed by Jeff Broadstreet, as Roy G. Biv., Devil’s Junction: Handy Dandy’s Revenge is the latest killer puppet flick to hit the horror-scene. The director listed under a pseudonym should have been a red flag for what I was about to see, but I went in with bloody-colored glasses. Watching low-budget horror movies you expect […]

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[Podcast] Wildling — Cold Hell — At Granny’s House — Gruesome Magazine

This week the Grue-Crew discover a new form of a werewolf, race from a serial killer, and invite some guests over to Granny’s house. First up is the feature At Granny’s House  from director Les Mahoney,  where a  devious, demented caretaker invites some  guests over for dinner.  The next film,  Cold Hell  from director Stefan […]

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“After Hours” (2016): Whodunnit Horror Short Delves into Truly Unexpected Territory

  A puzzling murder at a store that has closed for the night leads a detective down a dark path in director Michael Aguiar’s After Hours. Fine performances from a cast led by the always reliable Bill Oberst Jr. highlight this  effective short film. Lauren Deakin (Dana Mauro) is in the shop where she works […]

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“Hunting Grounds” (2017): Bigfoot, small expectations

There seems to be something mysterious about cryptids, creatures like Bigfoot and the Yeti, that simultaneously makes them tantalizing subjects for low budget (and occasionally big budget) filmmakers of all stripes  and extremely difficult challenges  for a successful, rip-roaring good adventure. There are  a few shining lights here and there in the genre, produced over […]