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[Contest] The Barn Blu-Ray – Poster Giveaway from Nevermore Production Films

Horror News Radio and Gruesome Magazine are teaming up with Nevermore Production Films to hand out a Blu-Ray and Poster from their hit independent horror epic The Barn (2016) out now. HNR covered the film earlier in the year as it was making its festival rounds and the Grue-crew fell in love with the Eighties […]

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The Barn featuring Linnea Quigley and Ari Lehman Arrives on Blu-Ray from Nevermore Production Films

The Grue-Crew reviewed The Barn (2016) from director Justin Seaman back on episode 198 of Horror News Radio and Joseph Perry gave it a 4.5-star score on his review. So, you can imagine how excited we are to learn that the film is now available on Blu-Ray from Nevermore Production Films. We may not be able […]

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“Easter Sunday” (2014): A Flawed But Admirable Homage to Eighties Slasher Films

When mixing horror with comedy there is a fine line that separates the two that needs to be straddled. Without a solid plan of which way the film should lean, there is a risk of tilting too far to either side and upsetting the balance which inevitably results in a mess of a film. Is […]