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Preacher S02E01: On The Road

Side Note: A recap for the second episode of Preacher season 2 that aired on the 26th will be coming later this week. Hello, Preacher fans! Welcome back to the congregation! Reflecting back, the first season of Preacher had a lot to live up to. Being based off a great beloved comic, fans were very skeptical about how it could […]

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Horror News Radio and Gruesome Magazine are teaming up with Anchor Bay Entertainment to provide the perfect horror TV fan giveaway with THE WALKING DEAD: THE COMPLETE SIXTH SEASON  Blu-Ray. The Blu-ray release of the hit AMC horror television show The Walking Dead sixth season hits the streets on August 23, 2016. You can easily enter to claim your copy from HNR, Gruesome […]

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“Preacher” S01E10: Call And Response

We’ve reached the end folks. Well, the end for now anyway. After ten episodes, Preacher Season 1 has completed its run. The series started on tough terrain, with meandering based around far lesser versions of the characters we have now. Then, we slowly but surely got a closer thematic adaptation of the source material. Still, Preacher had a lot […]

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“Preacher” S01E09: Finish The Song

Despite having a literal vampire as one of the major characters, Preacher rarely feels like a horror television show. This week, Sam Caitlin and his staff made up for lost time. This is definitely the goriest episode of Preacher, but also the most horror atmosphere driven. There’s a burnt up vampire, more than a few bodies and even […]

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“Preacher” S01E08: El Valero

AMC hasn’t been afraid to use explicit gore since The Walking Dead became their highest rated show. Yet, it’s rare that said use of gore has more than a passive affect of killing a zombie or shooting anyone in the head. This week, Preacher kicked itself off with a simple yet powerful use of gore. In a flashback, […]

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“Preacher” S01E02: See

The second chapter in the televised Preacher adaptation starts off on a rather confident note, one I was worried they wouldn’t really get to on the series as it was one of the more bizarre aspects of the comics. It’s 1881 and a stoic cowboy wanders from his house, wife and ailing daughter to the lonesome trail in search of […]

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[Contest] “Fear the Walking Dead: The Complete First Season” Blu-Ray Giveaway from Anchor Bay Entertainment

Horror News Radio and Gruesome Magazine are teaming up with Anchor Bay Entertainment to provide the perfect holiday giveaways, beginning with FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON Blu-Ray. The Blu-ray release of the hit AMC The Walking Dead spin-off series hits the streets on December 1, 2015. You can easily enter to claim your copy […]

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“Fear the Walking Dead” S01E06: The Good Man

Well, the opening season of Fear the Walking Dead, the companion show – or prequel, if you prefer – to The Walking Dead has come to an end. Before I delve into my recap and review, I will say this: if the entire season played like the last 30 minutes of the finale, it would have been […]

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[TV Review] “Fear the Walking Dead” S01E05 (2015): Cobalt

Five down, one to go. And with Cobalt, Fear the Walking Dead struggles to show promise. As you all know, I have been verbally annihilating Fear the Walking Dead from jump street. As much as I was ready to dig in deep with this review, I have to say there was about 10 minutes that […]

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[TV Review] “Fear the Walking Dead” S01E04 (2015): Not Fade Away

Just when you thought Fear the Walking Dead couldn’t get any worse, IT DOES! I’m officially what the kids call “a hater” of this show and it’s not that I’m jealous. Wait, maybe I am because I have some crappy ideas that can be considered for TV shows too, if AMC is interested. However, here are two […]

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[TV Review] “Fear the Walking Dead” S01E03 (2015): The Dog

The first season is officially half way over. Perhaps I should say the only season is halfway over, but that would be wishful thinking. I tried to like this show, really I did. I even thought that episode two stepped it up a bit; however, any progress made in episode two digressed majorly in episode 3 aptly […]