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Blumhouse And Amazon Prime Join Forces And Bid You ‘Welcome To The Blumhouse’

Blumhouse teaming up with a streaming service to produce original content is certainly not a novel notion – they’ve had a pretty successful run with Hulu and their Into The Dark line of films – and they’re about to do it again but this time with Amazon Prime. Welcome To The Blumhouse will feature a […]

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Amazon Prime Brings The UK Horrors With New Anthology Series ‘Dark Ditties’

Do you like your horror with a decidedly British twist? Well, then I’ve got some great news for you. Amazon Prime has just premiered a brand new anthology series straight from the UK titled Dark Ditties. Four episodes are currently available – with a 5th coming in September. The four episodes are: “The Offer”: Seven […]

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Simon Pegg And Nick Frost Return To Horror In New Amazon Prime Series ‘Truth Seekers’

The dynamic team of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost cemented their place in horror superstardom when Shaun Of The Dead grabbed us all by our zombie loving hearts and never let go. The pair have been in several other projects together over the years but not in a full-on genre outing since Shaun. That all […]

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A Trailer And A Clip Announce The Arrival Of ‘Among Them’

Hitting Amazon Prime and Tubi is the “creepy thriller” Among Them – a heist gone wrong tale from writer/director Kevin James Barry. Before we look at the trailer – here’s the film synopsis from distributor Cinema Epoch: “After a botched heist, two bank robbers and their unwanted hostage retreat into a seedy coastal motel in […]

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Take A Trip Back To The ’80’s In The Trailer For ‘The Trick Or Treat Picture Show’

No big secret that the 80’s – when it came to modern horror – was the decade of choice for the discriminating horror fan – those of us lucky enough to come of age during that new golden age of frights remember with great fondness the drive in, grindhouse cinema and good old VHS. A […]

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It’s A Great Day To Be An Amazon Prime Member – The Service Is Now Streaming The Rare X-Rated Cut Of ‘Robocop’

Who knew that something so awesome could roll around on a Tuesday! News just dropped that Amazon Prime has gotten their hands on the often talked about – rarely to if ever seen – X-rated cut of one of the 80’s most notorious films. Paul Verhoeven‘s masterpiece of violence and gore – Robocop. While the […]

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Pick The Streaming Movie or Show for HNR Patreon Exclusive of January — Patreon Exclusive

There’s so much streaming content out there. It’s hard to pin down what to watch with all the money we spend on Netflix, Amazon or Shudder. Well, we are excited to announce that, starting this month, we are going to devote a new podcast towards covering something horror related for various streaming platforms. Each month, […]