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It’s A Great Day To Be An Amazon Prime Member – The Service Is Now Streaming The Rare X-Rated Cut Of ‘Robocop’

Who knew that something so awesome could roll around on a Tuesday! News just dropped that Amazon Prime has gotten their hands on the often talked about – rarely to if ever seen – X-rated cut of one of the 80’s most notorious films. Paul Verhoeven‘s masterpiece of violence and gore – Robocop. While the […]

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Pick The Streaming Movie or Show for HNR Patreon Exclusive of January — Patreon Exclusive

There’s so much streaming content out there. It’s hard to pin down what to watch with all the money we spend on Netflix, Amazon or Shudder. Well, we are excited to announce that, starting this month, we are going to devote a new podcast towards covering something horror related for various streaming platforms. Each month, […]