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Tales of Terror (1962) – Episode 92 – Decades of Horror: The Classic Era

“Haven’t I convinced you of my sincerity yet? I’m genuinely dedicated to your destruction.” Yup. Got it. Join this episode’s Grue-Crew – Whitney Collazo, Chad Hunt, Daphne Monary-Ernsdorff, and Jeff Mohr – as they revisit a cast and crew that, by now, seem like old friends in Tales of Terror (1962). Decades of Horror: The […]

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Cry of the Banshee (1970) – Episode 119 – Decades of Horror 1970s

“Don’t you know this house is cursed? You are cursed, and Edward’s cursed, and everybody’s cursed.” Sounds like Oprah’s curse-giveaway show. Join your faithful Grue Crew – Doc Rotten, Chad Hunt, Bill Mulligan, and Jeff Mohr – as they try to find the banshee (or is it a sidhe?) in Cry of the Banshee (1970). […]

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[Podcast] Food of the Gods (1976) — Episode 28 — Decades of Horror 1970s

“Welcome to the Bottom of the Food Chain!” – the tagline for the cult classic, so-bad-it-is-good, AIP  horror film from Bert I. Gordon,  Food of the Gods  (1976) reveals  not only the theme of the film, but the level of quality as well. Boom goes the mic. Called “Worst Rodent Movie Of All Time”  by […]

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[Podcast] Sugar Hill (1974) — Episode 23 — Decades of Horror 1970s

“She’s sweet as sugar… with a voodoo army of the undead!” – the tag line  for  Sugar Hill  (1974) sets up the premise pretty quickly as Marki Bey teams up with Baron Samedi to go up against the under-appreciated Robert Quarry with her Zombie Hit Men. Black-spoitation never had it so good as is does […]