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Significant Slashers – Phantom Factor

Deep within the bowels of Gruesome Magazine headquarters, an elusive ghostly creature lurks. The Grue Crew can’t put their finger on what it is. Some say it’s a Batman style superhero lurking for justice in the corners. Others say it’s a vampire with massive fangs using the evasiveness to further draw you in. Plenty of […]

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Gruesome News Digest Vol. 2 – Jan. 6th – Jan. 9th

Finally!  A Full Trailer For Victor Crowley Appears Since last fall, we’ve all be patiently waiting for the powers that be to give us a taste of what gory goodness Adam Green and his demented band of film fiends had in store for us with his little surprise chapter in Hatchet saga.  Sure, he ran […]

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The Bayou Runs Red As A Poster And Release Info Debuts For ‘Victor Crowley’

A few months back we were all surprised when it was announced that a new chapter in the Hatchet franchise was not only on the way but done, finished, and on it’s way to the fans.  Up to this point the only way to see Victor Crowley – the title of this fourth installment – […]

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New Shudder Series ‘The Core’ Dissects The Genre And Has A Great Time Doing It

You have the Shudder streaming service yet?  They just added a slew of classic Universal horror films right before the Halloween holiday – worth the $5 just for that alone but….they have more – Oh, so much more. They just announced a new original show – titled THE CORE – which is slated for weekly […]

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Kane Hodder And Adam Green Surprise Slasher Fans With ‘Victor Crowley’

In this age of instant information – keeping anything secret is a huge accomplishment, and to keep it under wraps for 2 years is damn near unheard of but – director Adam Green managed just that.  With the 10 year anniversary of his slice and dice slasher flick HATCHET upon us – celebration screenings and […]

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Horror Convention Report: Monster-Mania Con 36, Cherry Hill, NJ (March 10-12, 2017)

Finally, the Thug has come back to New Jersey! Monster-Mania Con happened this past weekend in Cherry Hill, NJ which is right outside of Philadelphia, PA. Throughout the past few years, the Monster-Mania conventions continue to gain momentum and grow. The convention happens three times a year: twice in Cherry Hill and once in Hunt […]