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[Podcast] Veronica – Episode 259 – Horror News Radio

Netflix continues the horror love as it unleashes  Veronica! This Spanish language horror film from  [rec]  director Paco Plaza is sparking the world a flame. Is it too scary to keep your browser up? Well, Doc Rotten, Thomas Mariani, Dave Dreher, Vanessa Thompson and special guest from  Decades of Horror: The Classic Era  Jeff Mohr […]

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Rob Zombie Confirms – ‘3 From Hell’ Is Happening – And It’s Filming As You Read This

Been a few years since rocker, writer, director Rob Zombie has been behind the camera and while rumors of his next film project have been floating around the entire times so – imagine everyone’s surprise when Mr. Zombie posted the following pic on his Instagram page announcing the next chapter in the Firefly tale – […]