Scarlett Spitfire Presents

We are officially introducing a BRAND NEW perk available for a limited time to all Patron Tiers!*

This new perk is called Scarlett Spitfire Presents and will include a special monthly themed mini pictorial set brought to you by one of our very own Gruesome Ghouls!!! 

These sets will be Classy, Creepy, Wholesome, and sometimes a little more “Naughty than Nice” 😉

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Yours Cruelly,


*The Scarlett Spitfire Presents albums will be available to all Patron Tiers through February 2021 after which it will only be available to our Grue Believers and up! Thanks for your support!!!

Featuring Franki Boom Boom
Featuring Crystal Cleveland, the Livin6Dead6irl
Guest Featuring Jenna Say What
Presented by and Featuring Scarlett Spitfire