Dave Dreher

HorrorNewsRadio_DaveDreherDave Dreher is the Grandpa of this motley group of horror fanatics. Having cut his horror teeth on Saturday afternoon horror hosts and giant bug films he quickly embraced the second golden age of horror as the splatter craze swept the nation in the late 70’s and through the 80’s.

As an adult he has been fortunate enough to work with the one and only Tom Savini serving as his Webmaster since 1997. Originally reporting news for Creature Corner (back in the day) and then for House of Horrors he joined forces with Horrornews.net a few years back where he served as the lead news reporter for a while, now a contributing writer to the site he mainly handles news duties at the Horror Channel.

A fan of “old school” horror he often finds himself at odds with his podcast mates over “super hero films” and “fantasy” fare but its all good as long as they turn their music down and stay off his lawn.