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[Trailer] The Road Less Traveled Is Terrifying In Our First Look At ‘FROM’

EPIX has really upped their horror game of late – and from the looks of it they intend to continue bringing us thrills and chills into the new year as this trailer for FROM looks creepy as hell. Here’s the synopsis for ya: From the executive producers of Lost, FROM unravels the mystery of a […]

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[Trailer] It’s Chloe Grace Moretz Vs. Androids In The Trailer Debut For MOTHER/ANDROID

Hulu has a funky Sci/Fi-horror-apocalyptic mash-up heading our way in December titled Mother/Android and damn if it doesn’t look good. Bit of a Terminator vibe, a bit of a Walking Dead vibe – but, would be lying to you if I didn’t admit that I like it. The film hits Hulu on Dec. 17th – […]

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Winter Chills at NYC’s Film Forum

New York City’s Film Forum (209 West Houston; [212] 727-8110) will be presenting a double dose of great genre films as part of its Winter season repertory program. Best of all, you can catch the stars themselves talking about their work after these special shows. First up is Otto Preminger’s 1965 mystery thriller BUNNY […]

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[Trailer] When Good Kids Go Bad You Must Beware Of The ANKLE BITERS

Being touted as a horror/ comedy the upcoming release from Dark Star Pictures titled ANKLE BITERS tells the tale of a group of young girls who, after overhearing their Mom and her new boyfriend having a little adult fun in the bedroom – decide that the boyfriend must go. Kinda dark, kinda disturbing – – […]

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[Trailer] New Look At RESIDENT EVIL: WELCOME TO RACCOON CITY Highlights The Nightmare

Later this month we’ll all be treated to a revamped journey into the world of RESIDENT EVIL – the looks we’ve gotten so far have looked promising but this latest trailer is literally the stuff of nightmares. Let’s take a trip to Raccoon City, shall we? I’ve been pretty vocal in the fact that I […]

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[Trailer] The Holiday Shopping Season Is Off To A Monsterous Start In BLACK FRIDAY

A retail store, Bruce Campbell, and blood-thirsty beasts – what more can you ask for? Today Screen Media Films dropped their trailer for BLACK FRIDAY – and I think you should have a look. Now that looks like fun! Here’s the info on the flick: In theaters November 19th and on Demand November 23rd! On […]

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[Gruesome Music] Thomas Crane Becomes THE GEMINI KILLER In Video Debut Of MONSTERS WALK AMONG US

I’ve always got my ear to the sidewalk for anything new and interesting to throw at you loyal readers and watchers and this little piece of cool came across my desk. Harkening back to the days of old school, long-form music videos MONSTERS WALK AMONG US borrows heavily from Natural Born Killers and tells the […]