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(Gruesome Music) Midnight Syndicate To Release First-Ever Live Album – Prepare For ‘Live Shadows’

If you’ve ever been to a haunted attraction, a Halloween store, or an amusement park during the haunt season – chances are very strong that you’ve heard the music of Midnight Syndicate. The undisputed champions of haunt season soundtracks – the band has been scaring the shit out of us (musically) with their haunting sounds […]

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(Trailer) Megan Fox And Bruce Willis Team Up To Stalk A Serial Killer In ‘Midnight In The Switchgrass’

When you think of horror/action teams I’m thinking that Megan Fox and Bruce Willis are likely not the first two names to jump to the forefront of your mind but – apparently, someone had the foresight to imagine this team and the end result hits our eyeballs on July 23rd. It’s titled Midnight In The […]

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(Gruesome Music) Judas Priest Hits The Road To Celebrate 50 Years Of Metal

Iconic rockers Judas Priest have announced their rescheduled 50 Years Of Metal tour – postponed last year – like everything else – because of the pandemic. Five decades – hard to believe – these guys are the definition of metal – and they are heading out for a fall tour that promises to melt stages […]

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(Trailer) Michael Berryman, Kane Hodder, And Scout Taylor-Compton Want To Meet You In ‘Room 9’

Two verified horror icons have teamed up with a modern-day scream queen to bring us a tale of small-town terror. Michael Berryman, Kane Hodder, and Scout Taylor-Compton are the three I’m eluding to – they joined forces with Lionsgate to bring us Room 9 and tonight – I’ve got the trailer to show you what […]

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(Trailer) Home Invasion Thriller ‘Masquerade’ Comes Slamming Through Your Front Door

Nothing better than a good home invasion flick to kick off the summer season – and this one stars Bella Thorne – so, yet another reason to hunt it down. Got a trailer. In case you really weren’t paying attention – here is the written explanation of what you just viewed: “11-year-old Casey, who is […]

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[Trailer] There’s A Monster In The House In The Just Released Trailer For HOUSE MONSTER

A pretty simple premise on this new one coming at us from Wild Eye Releasing – an actress, stuck at home because of a “global pandemic” finds out that she’s really not alone at all. The trailer lays the plot out pretty well – have a look. Got a found footage vibe going on – […]

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[Trailer] DEXTER Is A Man About Town In The Latest Teaser For Season 9

I’ve been re-watching the original seasons of DEXTER over at Showtime in anticipation of this upcoming Season 9 revival – mainly because I had kind of forgotten the last two seasons because as I think most fans are aware – the show did not end on a particularly strong note – and the revisit has […]

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[Trailer] This Summer Shudder Will Bring Us The Horrors Of THE SUPERDEEP

Coming next month from everyone’s favorite streaming horror service Shudder is the Russian deep hole creep fest SUPERDEEP. The synopsis sums up the story – so, lets take a peek. “The Kola Superdeep borehole is the largest Russian secret facility. In 1984, at the depth of more than 7 miles below the surface, unexplained sounds […]