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[Trailer] TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (2022, Netflix) The Family Goes Streaming on February 18, 2022

Leatherface and family head to NETFLIX in February 2022 for a sequel similar to those for Halloween, Scream, and more of late. Olwen Fouéré (Mandy) portrays the ages Sally Hardesty and John Larroquette narrates once again. Join the HNR Grue-Crew next month when we review this promising, gory return to the world Tobe Hooper originally […]

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[Trailer] The School Mascot Has It Out For The ‘STUDENT BODY’

Coming our way from 1091 Pictures, STUDENT BODY is a horror thriller from Writer/Director Lee Ann Kurr. The film stars Christian Camargo, Montse Hernandez, Cheyenne Haynes, Harley Quinn Smith, Austin Zajur, & Anthony Keyvan and will be hitting the digital market on Feb. 8th. Trailer time! In case the trailer didn’t lay the storyline down for you – […]

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[Trailer] Foo Fighters Are Ready To Rock The Film World With The Trailer Debut For STUDIO 666

We caught wind of this little pandemic project a couple of months back and I think the fact that Dave Grohl and company spent a portion of their lockdown time putting together a horror-comedy, and took it seriously is one of the coolest things to come out of this virus-induced nightmare landscape we’ve all found […]

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[Trailer] Nothing Is As It Seems In Our First Look At ‘ALONE WITH YOU’

This one certainly looks like a serious mind screw. Coming at us from Darkstar Films is Alone With You – got a trailer and it sure is a wild ride. Yep – that’s Barbara Crampton – so you know I’m already sold! Here’s what we know. ALONE WITH YOUstars Emily Bennett (King of Knives), Emma Myles (“Orange Is the […]

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Roland Emmerich Is Back – Watch The First Five Minutes Of His Latest Disaster Flick MOONFALL

My lifelong love of disaster flicks is well chronicled here at Gruesome Magazine – and in this modern era of filmmaking, Roland Emmerich has certainly played his part in all the destructive fun. Been a couple of years since he’s blown something up but – he’s back and this time, it’s the moon that has […]

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A New Poster And Some New Clips Bring Us Ever Closer To SCREAM

The debut of the fifth entry into the SCREAM franchise is quickly rushing towards us – and remember, this is not a remake but a continuation of the classic Ghostface storyline. I’ve mentioned before that this really appears to be a “handing of the torch to a new generation” flick – as opposed to the […]

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[Teaser] Leatherface Is Back As Netflix Rolls Out Our First Look At TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE

The lega-sequel rolls on and this time it’s our old friend Leatherface that that will return to once again reign havoc amongst a new generation of unsuspecting Texas dwellers. Taking a page from the Halloween franchise playbook – TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE is said to be a direct sequel to Tobe Hooper’s 1974 shocker – bypassing […]

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[Trailer] The Road Less Traveled Is Terrifying In Our First Look At ‘FROM’

EPIX has really upped their horror game of late – and from the looks of it they intend to continue bringing us thrills and chills into the new year as this trailer for FROM looks creepy as hell. Here’s the synopsis for ya: From the executive producers of Lost, FROM unravels the mystery of a […]