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[Trailer] GHOSTFACE And Some Old Friends Are Back In The Trailer For SCREAM

In this current era of reimagined or reboots of classic horror franchises – it was only a matter of time till the system worked itself around to Wes Craven’s SCREAM – and that time has come. Today Paramount dropped their first trailer for the fifth entry into this now-classic franchise – behold the results. Have […]

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[Trailer] We Head Back To The Beginning In The Trailer For RESIDENT EVIL: WELCOME TO RACCOON CITY

It may not be a popular opinion but – I gave up on the Resident Evil flicks about a decade ago – honestly, can’t even remember how many they made or the order in which they were released – I just remember that they morphed into more of an action franchise than a horror franchise […]

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Full Moon And October Games Teaming Up To Bring PUPPET MASTER To A PC Near You

Actually kind of hard to believe that this game doesn’t yet exist but – but – the what shall end soon as today came the announcement that Charles Band’s Full Moon Features has teamed up with October Games to bring Blade, Six Shooter, and the rest of the gang to an online gaming platform that […]

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[Trailer] The Final Trailer For HALLOWEEN KILLS Gets The Gang Back Together

Halloween is almost upon us – not just the holiday but also the much anticipated second chapter in the new lega-sequel trilogy that has been postponed for a full year thanks to good ole COVID but – HALLOWEEN KILLS is locked and loaded for an Oct. 15th rollout in theaters and on streaming via the […]

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[Trailer] Amazon Prime Rings In The Haunt Season With WELCOME TO THE BLUMHOUSE

BLUMHOUSE has become synonymous with horror – the studio is by far one of the leading producers of fear films and this Halloween season they are teaming up once again with Amazon Prime Video to bring subscribers some double feature tales of terror. In a little project titled WELCOME TO THE BLUMHOUSE – fans will […]

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SPIDER-MAN NO WAY HOME (2021) Teaser Trailer Reaction | You Had Me at Pumpkin Bomb

The SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME (2021) teaser trailer is finally here. Join Doc and Christopher for their first reactions! Welcome to Heroes and Droids teaser trailer reaction for SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME (2021). It is finally here, secrets are revealed, hints are provided, Dr. Strange is… acting strange. Peter is in dire straights after Spider-Man: […]

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[Trailer] Yellow Veil Drops the Chilling Teaser For the Sundance Hit, KNOCKING

Often in a horror film, the frights are presented in the sounds alone – sometimes, the lack of sound. Yellow Veil will be releasing Frida Kempff’s Timely Sundance Psychological Horror Hit, KNOCKING, in the US in theaters on October 8, 2021, and on digital and on-demand on October 19, 2021. Check out the trailer and […]

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[Trailer] BABY OOPSIE (2021, Full Moon) Full Trailer And Behind The Scenes Video Announces Full Moon’s New Arrival

Full Moon Features holds a special place in this horror fan’s heart – and the arrival of this new film, BABY OOPSIE, is even more special as it’s the first feature filmed at their new studio located right here in my stomping grounds of Cleveland Ohio. Old school Full Moon fans will remember Baby Oopsie […]

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[Trailer] MOSQUITO STATE (2021, Shudder) This Trailer Will Leave You Swatting, Itching, And Screaming

When you’re looking for horror – everyone knows that you can always head to Shudder to get your scream on – and one of the many nice things about the streaming service is that they bring you a wealth of films that you would likely just not see anywhere else. Case in point – check […]

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[Trailer] MIDNIGHT MASS (2021, NETFLIX) Haunting Your Streaming Devices This Fall

The Grue-Crew have had a love-hate relationship with Mike Flanagan from the beginning. While Doc was a huge fan from the onset, other crew members not-so-much (Santos in particular, remember Oculus, anyone?). However, by the time THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE hit NETFLIX, the opinions of this talented director – and now producer – grew […]