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“Goosebumps” (2015): R.L. Stine’s Monsters Haunt Again

Goosebumps  may be a property long past its heyday, but now it has reappeared  thanks to the recurring trend of the time: 1990s nostalgia! In a post  Jurassic World… world, we can expect to see plenty of 90s properties get their revitalized reboots, remakes and delayed sequels to attract a modern  audience. After all, the […]

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“Yakuza Apocalypse” (2015): Expect the Unexpected

Takashi Miike is an oddity, even  within  the Japanese  film industry. Responsible for films like  Audition  and  Ichi The Killer, Miike is known for taking ideas firmly rooted in Japanese culture and twisting them in  the most brazenly bizarre  fashion. Unfortunately, I’m more of  a novice to Miike’s work, but judging from those I have […]

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“The Final Girls” (2015): A Slasher Spoof With Heart

In the time since cinematic slashers  like Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger had their heyday in the  1980s, we’ve seen plenty of comedic takes on the genre. There’s the satirically dark spins  like  Behind the Mask: The Rise  of Leslie Vernon, the more silly raunchiness with  Club Dread  or the less ambitious referential […]

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“Deathgasm” (2015): A Wild, Fun, Bloody Ride Set to the Tune of Heavy Metal

In Deathgasm, a  new horror comedy from New Zealand, a recent high school transfer, a dropout, and two geeks form a metal band that they  decide to name DEATHGASM (lower case is for pussies) after rejecting Murder Boners, Toothed Vagina, Maggot Sperm, Cannibal Unicorn, and SSSSSSSSSSSSS. In short order, they stumble upon the ancient “Black […]

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“Dig Two Graves” (2014): Gothic Chiller Serves Up First-Rate Storytelling and Superb Performances

Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves. – Confucius To what lengths would a young girl go to see her deceased brother once again? How much trust would she place in the promises of strangers, even if those promises defy reason and the laws of nature? The excellent independent gothic thriller/horror […]