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[Film Review] “Montauk Chronicles” (2015): A Gleeful Dive Down the Rabbit Hole

Being a guy who is familiar with UFO, paranormal and unexplained topics, I am well aware of the Montauk Conspiracy theory. Now, I have the opportunity to view a new pseudo-documentary about the topic, Montauk Chronicles. As with most films dealing with subject matter of this sort, the viewer better be ready to not only jump down […]

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[Film Review] “Attack On Titan” (2015): Bigger Isn’t Always Better

  Attack On Titan takes place in an unspecified future, a future in which humanity has been beset upon by a race of humanoid giants known as “Titans”. These beings are (as their name implies), much larger than normal humans and feed one one thing – us! But after a prolonged struggle some 100 years […]

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[Film Review] “The Stranger” (2014): Undying Nihilism Sinks Chilean Horror Film

Not to be confused with the Albert Camus novel of the same name — although it could be argued that there is a peppering of existentialism on display at times here amongst the nihilism — debuting director Guillermo Amodoe’s Chilean effort The Stranger offers up a fair share of moody brooding. The titular character, also […]

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[Film Review] “Goodnight Mommy” (2015): Duality Signifies Little

The Austrian horror film Goodnight Mommy relies on one of the most recurring cinematic metaphors: mirrored imagery. Film by its nature is based in reflective visuals, given that cameras record as a literal mirrored image of those who are performing in front of them. It’s a concept that dwells deep within the most iconic images of horror cinema, from […]

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[Film Review] “The Visit” (2015): M. Night Shyamalan Returns to Horror with a Wickedly Humorous Hit

THE VISIT is the latest effort from once-popular director M. Night Shyamalan. Sneaking into theaters with little fan-fare and low expectations – but an interesting marketing campaign – the film is a low budget, found footage horror exercise released through Blumhouse Productions. Mentioning that the film is from this particular director is typically met with […]

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[TV Review] “Fear the Walking Dead” S01E02 (2015): So Close, Yet So Far

As you all well may know, the pilot episode of Fear the Walking Dead left me underwhelmed. Coming into this week, I am much more hopeful now that characters had been established and some story lines are taking form. The title of episode two is aptly named, “So Close,Yet So Far.” The show opens up with Principal Artie […]