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(Trailer) His Name Is Larry – And He Wants You To ‘Come Play”

Hitting theaters this Halloween season from Focus Features and Amblin Entertainment is Come Play – a creepy kid / creepy monster hybrid that actually looks like it might be a bit of fun. The film is directed by Jacob Chase – who also carries the writing credit. This is a feature-length take at his short […]

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The Horrors Of Mental Illness Are Featured In The Trailer For ‘The Swerve’

The genre exploring the real-life terrors of mental illness is certainly nothing new – but it appears as if The Swerve offers up a stellar performance that we should all behold. The synopsis explains: “Holly seems to have it all: two kids, a nice house, a good job as a teacher, and a husband with […]

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Netflix Revisits One Of Their Horror Hits With A Debut Trailer For ‘The Babysitter: Killer Queen’

Netflix has pumped out some amazing horror over the last few years but none much better then their 2017 Samara Weaving vehicle, The Babysitter. It was a pretty great little film – with a break out performance from Ms. Weaving and guess what? It’s getting a sequel. Heading our way via the streaming service on […]

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Have You Ever Wondered What The Words To The ‘X-Files’ Theme Were? Wonder No More

This whole COVID situation has made folks much more creative – case in point – check out this video of the stars, creators, and guest stars from the beloved series The X-Files as they socially distant create words to the shows iconic theme. I give you Song In The Key Of X. Not sure what […]

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Another Stephen King Haunted Car Adaptation Is Heading Our Way As ‘From A Buick 8’ Lands A Director.

Stephen King has a thing about evil motor vehicles. Christine, Trucks (which became Maximum Overdrive) Uncle Otto’s Truck and of course From A Buick 8 – all about gas-powered vehicles run amok – that last one on the list has moved one more step in the process of becoming a feature film by landing itself […]

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Shudder Has Decided That This Year We All Deserve ’61 Days Of Halloween’

As we slowly push through this cluster f*@k we’ve labeled 2020 – there have been precious few things to look forward to doing. Concerts have been canceled, theaters have been closed and life for many has pretty much come to a complete stop. Luckily for us horror fans – the Halloween season is quickly rushing […]

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Arrow Video FrightFest Digital Edition: 10 Questions with Alastair Orr

Gruesome Magazine previewed Arrow Video FrightFest’s Digital Edition, which runs August 27-31. One of the fest’s intriguing offerings is Triggered, which the festival site describes as “A sick, twisted, slasher variation on THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME from Alastair Orr, director of the FrightFest favourite FROM A HOUSE ON WILLOW STREET. Nine friends, all harbouring a […]

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(Trailer) Russell Crowe Needs To Switch To Decaf In This PSA Style Trailer For ‘Unhinged’

One of the first films that might actually get a theatrical release during this COVID crisis will be the Russell Crowe vehicle Unhinged – and damn, it does look like a crapload of fun. Check out this just released PSA style tease. Synopsis wise – here’s what we got: “A psychological thriller starring Academy Award-winner […]

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(Trailer) What To Do When A Good Doo Goes Bad – The Trailer For ‘Bad Hair’ Reveals All

One of the best things about this genre is that it never ceases to surprise you. For instance – who know that I would be sitting here today telling you about a flick that deals with a haunted hair cut. Yep – that’s right – a haunted haircut. Bad Hair is on it’s way to […]

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(Trailer) Small Town American Horrors Come To Life In ‘The Devil All The Time’

Sporting what can only be described as an incredible cast – the new Netflix project The Devil All The Time just got a trailer and it’s as impressive as the cast would suggest. Not all horrors come from things hiding under the bed – sometimes it’s your neighbors, your associates and yes, even your family […]