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THE INVISIBLE MAN (2020) – 4 Clips to Keep You Awake at Night

Blumhouse’s stab at the Universal Monsters, THE INVISIBLE MAN, arrives in theaters Friday, February 28, 2020. The film is directed by Leigh Whannel and features Elisabeth Moss, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, and Storm Reid. In the film, Cecilia (Moss) believes her dead, abusive husband is still alive and is out to get her – yet, no one […]

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RUN (2020) – Sarah Paulson is frightening in this new trailer

Arriving in theaters this May from the team behind the film Searching comes a thriller called RUN featuring Sarah Paulson and introducing Kiera Allen. This is the first the Grue-Crew team heard of this feature and it appears to be a riveting horror-tinged thriller worth looking out for. Check out the trailer and let us […]

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The Strange 40 Year Journey Of ‘Grizzly II: Revenge’ Is About To End

One of the best “nature is out to get you” flicks ever made was Grizzly – the 1976 killer bear classic that still manages to entertain all these decades later. The film was successful enough that a sequel was ordered – mostly filmed and then due to a whole series of assorted drama – was […]

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Universal And Blumhouse Ready To Unleash ‘The Hunt’ This Spring – New Trailer And Poster Explains It All

Late last year we were all excitedly anticipating the release of The Hunt – a joint collaboration between Universal Pictures and Blumhouse – then, a series of horrible mass shootings occurred and all involved with the production thought it prudent to hold off on the release and since then – we haven’t heard squat – […]

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Sly Stallone Will Brave A War Torn Hellscape In ‘Little America’

Being billed as an Escape From New York-style action/thriller – the new Sylvester Stallone vehicle Little America promises to put a horror-related spin on a classic storyline. This one is produced by Michael Bay and will take us on the following journey. “Stallone will play a former Army Ranger hired by an Asian billionaire to […]

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Trailer Debut For The Latest Production From ‘Small Town Monsters’ Focuses On ‘The Mothman Legacy’

Director Seth Breedlove and his incredibly talented band of cohorts have quickly and not so quietly turned Northeast Ohio in the Hollywood of cryptoid documentaries. Based in Wadsworth Ohio – Small Town Monsters have churned out an impressive slate of documentary films and are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Their latest production […]

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Trailer Debut For ‘Spiral: From The Book Of SAW’

I’ve been incredibly curious about this project since it was announced last year. Just exactly what was Chris Rock up to – and would it breathe fresh life into this rather stale franchise? I’m not sure this trailer answers that question – but there are somethings I really like, and some things I find annoying. […]

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Nevermore Film Festival Announces Its Killer 2020 Program

The Grue-Crew love the Nevermore Film Festival in Durham, North Carolina, held each Winter at the beautiful and historic Carolina Theater. Jim Carl and his merry band of misfit cinephiles always craft and schedule a terrific weekend of horrors, sci-fi, and fantasy features and shorts. Below is the list of films screening at the 21st […]

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MidWest WeirdFest First Wave Announcement Features Cryptids and Creepiness Galore

MidWest WeirdFest— a cinematic celebration of all things fantastic, frightening, paranormal, and just plain weird — has announced its first programming wave for 2020. The fourth annual installment of the festival takes place March 6–8, 2020 at the Micon Downtown Cinema in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. “MidWest WeirdFest is back with the type of cutting edge […]