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[Trailer] The School Mascot Has It Out For The ‘STUDENT BODY’

Coming our way from 1091 Pictures, STUDENT BODY is a horror thriller from Writer/Director Lee Ann Kurr. The film stars Christian Camargo, Montse Hernandez, Cheyenne Haynes, Harley Quinn Smith, Austin Zajur, & Anthony Keyvan and will be hitting the digital market on Feb. 8th. Trailer time! In case the trailer didn’t lay the storyline down for you – […]

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[Trailer] Foo Fighters Are Ready To Rock The Film World With The Trailer Debut For STUDIO 666

We caught wind of this little pandemic project a couple of months back and I think the fact that Dave Grohl and company spent a portion of their lockdown time putting together a horror-comedy, and took it seriously is one of the coolest things to come out of this virus-induced nightmare landscape we’ve all found […]

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Final Girls Berlin Film Festival Announces Its Hair-Raising 2022 Lineup

The Final Girls Berlin Film Festival hosts a treasure trove of incredible fear fare for its 7th edition, which is set for February 3-6, 2022 on the big screen and in person, with a worldwide On Demand presentation of most of its scheduled short films. In addition to presenting 7 fine feature films, the fest […]

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[Trailer] Nothing Is As It Seems In Our First Look At ‘ALONE WITH YOU’

This one certainly looks like a serious mind screw. Coming at us from Darkstar Films is Alone With You – got a trailer and it sure is a wild ride. Yep – that’s Barbara Crampton – so you know I’m already sold! Here’s what we know. ALONE WITH YOUstars Emily Bennett (King of Knives), Emma Myles (“Orange Is the […]

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Roland Emmerich Is Back – Watch The First Five Minutes Of His Latest Disaster Flick MOONFALL

My lifelong love of disaster flicks is well chronicled here at Gruesome Magazine – and in this modern era of filmmaking, Roland Emmerich has certainly played his part in all the destructive fun. Been a couple of years since he’s blown something up but – he’s back and this time, it’s the moon that has […]

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A New Poster And Some New Clips Bring Us Ever Closer To SCREAM

The debut of the fifth entry into the SCREAM franchise is quickly rushing towards us – and remember, this is not a remake but a continuation of the classic Ghostface storyline. I’ve mentioned before that this really appears to be a “handing of the torch to a new generation” flick – as opposed to the […]

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[Teaser] Leatherface Is Back As Netflix Rolls Out Our First Look At TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE

The lega-sequel rolls on and this time it’s our old friend Leatherface that that will return to once again reign havoc amongst a new generation of unsuspecting Texas dwellers. Taking a page from the Halloween franchise playbook – TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE is said to be a direct sequel to Tobe Hooper’s 1974 shocker – bypassing […]