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“Don’t Breathe” (BIFAN 2016): Home Robbery Goes Haywire in Pulse-Pounding Thriller

American horror thriller Don’t Breathe is a fast-paced, nerve-wracking ride filled with suspense. I hadn’t felt as tense watching a film on the big screen in too long a time as I did seeing this one. The basic plot from director/cowriter Fede Alvarez and cowriter Rodo Sayagues (both of whom performed the same duties on […]

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“Antibirth” (Fantasia 2016): And Baby Makes… Something Alright

Body horror is a fickle horror sub genre to pull off. In a post-David Cronenberg horror world where the master is too busy doing boring period dramas and nihilist parables, others have tried to irk their way into his waiting throne to limited results. The latest comes from writer/director Danny Perez, coming with a more […]

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“Shelley” (Fantasia 2016): A Little Too Deliberately Paced for its Own Good

Pregnancy can be a scary time for the mother-to-be. Her body goes through an extreme physical transformation, and hormonal fluctuations can bring about emotional and psychological changes as well. This is probably why Pregnancy Horror is such a well-mined subgenre. Shelley, currently showing as part of the 2016 Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, Canada, […]

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“Demon” (BIFAN 2016): Eldritch Tone and Captivating Performances Inhabit Wholly Unique Possession Tale

Polish-Israeli chiller Demon  (2015) is a refreshing take on the possession subgenre and one of the most remarkable pieces of cinema I have had the pleasure of watching this year. If, like me, you find possession films to usually be either underwhelming or more of the same-old, same-old, I highly recommend that you make an […]

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“Bed of the Dead” (Fantasia 2016): The Best Killer Bed Movie of 2016

The “Killer Bed” horror sub-genre is pretty limited. To be honest, one would be hard pressed to create a Wikipedia page titled “List of Killer Bed Movies” that includes anything more than Death Bed: The Bed that Eats (1977) and possibly Johnny Depp’s best scene in A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). That is, until […]

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“The Eyes of My Mother” (Fantasia 2016): A Quiet, Disturbing, and Brutal Portrait of Loneliness

In horror, it is often stated that what is implied is more frightening than what can be seen explicitly. Writer/director Nicolas Pesce embraces this philosophy in his directorial debut The Eyes of My Mother which is playing as part of the 2016 Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, Canada. Pesce presents the tale of a […]

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“Psychonauts the Forgotten Children” (Fantasia 2016): Adult Animation In Its Truest Form

Adult animation isn’t often that adult. Sure, we’ve had animated subjects that often take on darker themes. But it’s usually for a more satiric comedic subversion of usual expectations. People laugh at the kids from  South Park  because they’re doing things children would never do, for example.  Oddly, the most complex material today animation wise […]

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“Red Christmas” (Fantasia 2016): There’s No Place Like Home For The Holidays

Christmas with extended family is always fun, right? Always full of joy and merriment? The answer is of course no. The holidays are full of bitter tension between families, given that the conflicting personalities that are all tightly compacted under one roof.  Red Christmas  directly confronts this holiday tradition with a horror edge, as the […]

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“The Phoenix Incident” (BIFAN 2016): By-the-Numbers Story and One-Dimensional Characters Hamper Found-Footage Science Fiction Effort

Video game  director Keith Arem makes his feature film writing and directing debut with the faux documentary/found footage science fiction film The Phoenix Incident; unfortunately, the film doesn’t offer much more than playing a video game for the same amount of time. Though the final act boasts lots of chase scenes and action, the characters […]

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“White Coffin” (Fantasia 2016): A Mother’s Desperation Turns to Horror in this Argentine Gem

In the States, few horror fans have heard the name Daniel de la Vega (Necrophobia). Thanks to the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, horror fans venturing across the Northern borders are discovering his post-retro style with his latest offering White Coffin. The Argentine director has a lot to offer horror fans. His style is […]

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“The Inerasable” (Fantasia 2016): Ghost Story With Interesting Structure Hindered By a Loss of Focus

Every place where people live has a history, and events from that history can affect those living there today. Director Nakamura Yoshihiro and screenwriter Suzuki Kenichi take that premise and add a ghostly spin to it in The Inerasable (Zange: Sunde wa ikenai heya) (2015 / Fantasia 2016), which can bee seen at the 2016 […]

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“The Wailing” (Fantasia 2016): A Visually and Emotionally Stunning Blend of Horror Subgenres

The Wailing (Goksung) (Fantasia 2016) is the latest film from award-winning Korean writer/director Na Hong-jin and can bee seen at the 2016 Fantasia International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. Na’s previous films, The Chaser (Chugyeogja) (2008) and The Yellow Sea (Hwanghae) (2010) are well-received crime thrillers. For The Wailing, the director  moves from the crime […]

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“I Survived a Zombie Holocaust” (2015): Cheekiness and Charm Abound in New Zealand Horror Comedy

Since Peter Jackson’s early films, along with  efforts from other filmmakers such as those behind  Black Sheep (2006), New Zealand has had a solid track record with producing horror comedies that worked in both aspects of this subgenre, which is not an easy feat. The past year or so has seen releases that pleased both […]