Tj lives in the cold wastes of Scandinavia where the nights run long and dark and the metal loud and brutal. Photographing the bands of Europe over the last several years, he has branched out into music journalism more doing reviews and interviews with heavy metal artists emerging from the European scene. Ever since seeing Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter at a local drive-in as a child, TJ has forever been paranoid of taking showers alone and watching hockey games but has become a huge fan of the Friday the 13th franchise.
Gruesome Reviews

“A Haunting in Cawdor” (2015): An Interesting Concept and Solid Leads Give This Ghost Tale Its Edge

The last time I saw Cary Elwes in anything was Saw. Maybe he has been in other projects, but, at the moment, I can’t recall any. I guess after Cutthroat Island opportunities started drying up a bit. Anyway, in A Haunting in Cawdor, we see Elwes (lacking that authentic British accent by the way) portraying […]

Gruesome Reviews

“Winners Tape All: The Henderson Brothers Story” (2015): A Damn Funny Mockumentary Celebrating the VHS Video Store Heyday

You know what I consider talent? Taking something that is normally considered subpar or poor and using those perceived disadvantages while  maximizing their full potential to actually turn them into positives. This is exactly what writers Justin Channell (also the director), Zane Crosby and  Josh Lively do in their film Winners Tape All: The Henderson […]

Gruesome Reviews

“Murder in the Dark” (2013): Improvised Dialog and Splendid Locales Make for a Unique Horror Experiment

What Hostel  did to the perceptions of backpackers traveling to Europe to stay in hostels, Murder in the Dark will do to the perceptions of tourists traveling alone to abandoned castles in European countrysides. As I watched Murder in the Dark I was in awe of the beautiful landscape and the magnificent castle most of […]