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[Review] NIGHT CALLER slashes its way to success with suspense and violence

Night Caller by veteran writer/director/producer Chad Ferrin is a tense thriller that follows the journey of telephone psychic Clementine Carter (Susan Priver) who receives a call from a client that triggers clairvoyant visions of brutal psychosexual violence at the hands of the killer (Steve Railsback) on the other end of the phone, the murder and […]

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[Review] THE CURSE OF DRACULA (2022) A Slovenian Vampire Film Worth Sinking Your Teeth Into

To the best of my knowledge, writer/director Tomaz Gorkic’s The Curse of Dracula (a.k.a. The Curse of Valburga) is the first Slovenian horror film I’ve seen, which is always a fun checklist item to note, especially when the film delivers a satisfying ride.  The Curse of Dracula succeeds enough to unquestionably deliver such a ride, […]

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[Review] Occupation: Rainfall (2022) High Octane Invasion Sequel Fires a Lot of Ammo and Scores Some Hits

I come to the Saban produced alien invasion film Occupation: Rainfall a bit flat footed, not having seen his 2018 series origin Occupation, which appears to establish the characters and circumstances by which  the Australian capital of Sydney finds itself under a punishing invasion by a hostile race of aliens referred to as Greys.  Two […]