Franki "Boom Boom" Stein

Hey there horror nerds! I'm Franki, you're local blood drenched burlesque queen. Raised from a young age by greats such as Lovecraft, Poe, Hitchcock & Price, I have longed for the opportunity to sink my teeth into a career in horror. Throughout school I was a constant concern for teachers when turning in reports on Elizabeth Bathory instead of Amelia Earhart or Stephen King instead of Emily Dickinson. From there I developed what some would call an unhealthy obsession with writing gruesome fiction, to many's surprise even being awarded and published as a teen (despite the unusual subject of my literature). Years after as I continued to write, I lucked out and into independent horror films. My first break being a featured zombie in the Plan 9 remake produced by Dark Stone Entertainment, and brief cameos in a few other not so well know films ;). Throughout all of this, I began to feed another! Belly dance was my introduction into this world and I fell in love immediately. As soon as I had the opportunity to perform, I realized the beautiful possibility that lay in front of me... To combine my love for dance and the macabre! My first solo routine was to "Dead Man's Party" in full zombie make up, while my fellow students went a much more traditional route. I went on to do routines as Jack the Ripper, a vampire concubine, etc and though I was always the odd one out, I was usually a fan favorite. I decided to up the ante! Not only would I infuse horror into belly dance but I would infuse both into burlesque. Grave Dancers were born! I created a horror-themed troupe out of Roanoke, Va where no one would expect it and it was a hit. That was 5 years ago! The troupe is still going strong but I missed the writing aspect of my love of horror. So here I am once again combining two of my loves, horror, and shopping! Thanks to Gruesome Magazine I am now your go-to living dead girl for all the best horror-themed products and websites! I seek them out and bring them to you because we all know you can never have enough cool and unique horror merch!