John Black still remembers his first horror movie, sneaking in to a double-feature of Horror House with Frankie Avalon and a Boris Karloff film he can’t remember the name of but will always remember for giving him his first glimpse of cinematic nudity as one of the actresses moved from the bed to the door without putting on any underwear! (Fond family memory: That glimpse, when discovered by his parents, cased John’s mom to call the theater and yelling at the manager for letting her son see ‘such filth’.) Luckily, John was more impressed by the blood and horror than the bare haunches and quickly became a devotee of the genre. John has been a professional movie reviewer since 1987, when his first review – of a Robert De Niro film called Angel Heart – appeared in the entertainment section of The Cape Codder newspaper. He’s been writing about film ever since, primarily now as the entertainment editor at Boston Event Guide. Hardly a day goes by when he doesn’t watch at least one movie, which is how he thinks life was meant to be.
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[Review] THE LURKER, a ponderous and predictable slasher film

A group of high school seniors, played by actors in their late 20s and early 30s, are being stalked and slain by a lumbering killer wearing a hoodie and a medieval plague doctor mask in The Lurker, a ponderous and predictable slasher film from director Eric Liberacki (Spoiled Fruit).  The plot centers around fledgling thespian […]

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[Review] ABOMINABLE, good soundtrack, fun gore, bad movie

There are good guys and bad guys in director Jamaal Burden’s Abominable, but the real heroes of the movie are Yaya Turner (music), Tony Fabian (Music Advisor) and Alex Ferguson (assistant engineer/music department) who make sure there isn’t a moment of silence in the film’s 78-minute run time. It is through their relentless efforts that […]