Adam Thomas was born and raised in the greater metro Detroit area of Michigan where he still resides with his wife and new baby girl. A mig welder by trade and a fan of all things fantastic and macabre. 80’s slasher movies are his main bag, but he doesn’t shy away from anything. Craft beer connoisseur, struggling podcaster and failed male model, he lives for the horror and will die by the sword.
Gruesome Reviews

“Killbillies” (2015): Old Formula With Some New Ingredients

Killbillies (aka Idila) is a 2015 film that boasts the ability to call itself “Slovenia’s first horror film.” In that regard, I give it credit for not only adequately handling and executing a familiar and some would say tired subgenre, but for also injecting some new ideas into it. Crazed hillbilly movies seem to always […]