Adam Thomas was born and raised in the greater metro Detroit area of Michigan where he still resides with his wife and new baby girl. A mig welder by trade and a fan of all things fantastic and macabre. 80’s slasher movies are his main bag, but he doesn’t shy away from anything. Craft beer connoisseur, struggling podcaster and failed male model, he lives for the horror and will die by the sword.
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The Best Zombie Moments In George A. Romero’s Dead Films

I am a horror fan. I love the genre like no other and as a horror fan I have learned that there are two certainties we must deal with. 1. If a horror movie is beloved and considered a classic, it’ll undoubtedly be remade at some point. 2. Most of these remakes are sub-par at […]

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“Karate Kill” (2017): Killing It Grindhouse Style

Karate Kill is awesome and bat-shit crazy! Writer/Director Kurando Mitsutake goes straight for the throat and does not let up for a single moment in this clear homage to the cinema sleaze of times long since passed. Blood and bullets along with kicks and tits fill almost every second of the very brisk 80 minute […]

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“Beyond the Grave (Porto dos Mortos)” (2015): A Fun Mash Up of B-Movie Delight!

What do you get if you mix Mad Max, El Mariachi, Dawn of the Dead and The Stand? Well, you get the post apocalyptic film Beyond the Grave. Written, produced and directed by Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro, lensed in Brazil, the film follows a man simply known as “Officer”, played with all sorts of tough […]

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“The Cook” (2016): A Whole Lot of Sauce But Not A Lot to Savor

I do not have epilepsy nor do I know a whole lot about the disorder. I understand that it can be triggered by flashing lights and hyper-kinetic movement. Well, if you suffer from this condition, The Cook is not the film for you. Within the first 5 minutes my senses were so assaulted with sound […]

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“Killbillies” (2015): Old Formula With Some New Ingredients

Killbillies (aka Idila) is a 2015 film that boasts the ability to call itself “Slovenia’s first horror film.” In that regard, I give it credit for not only adequately handling and executing a familiar and some would say tired subgenre, but for also injecting some new ideas into it. Crazed hillbilly movies seem to always […]

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“Hell Town” (2015): Get Me the Hell Outta Town

Hell Town. Wow. Horror and comedy are two genres that suffer the most when they don’t hit their marks. Hell Town, directed by Steve Balderson and Elizabeth Spear,  is a cobbled together mess of both genres. Balderson and Spear also handle the writing duties along with Michael Page and Chris Pudlo. Given the way the story unfolds, a pretty […]

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“The Before Time” (2016): In a Land Easily Forgotten

Okay. Before I get into the review of The Before Time, I’m gonna start right off and share that I am not, nor have I ever really been, a fan of the “found footage” genre. There are a few exceptions, like The Blair Witch Project, REC 1 and 2, Cloverfield and the recent Digging Up the Marrow […]

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“Betrothed” (2016): The Honeymoon Is Over

Betrothed is a 2016 film written by Jeff Rosenberg and directed by Jim Lane. The plot centers around the Cooper family…and the Cooper family is insane. Their primary focus is finding a bride for the dimwitted Adam (Jamie B. Cline). Helping Adam with this twisted endeavor is his burly brother, Nate (Adam Dunnells); his mother, Ginnie (Bunny […]

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“Jacob’s Hammer” (2012): Microbudget Horror Struggles To Find Its Way

Jacob’s Hammer is a problematic 2012 British horror film from writer, producer, editor, and director Angie Bojtler that tries too hard to be a jack of all trades but comes off as a master of none. The story follows Sadie (Helen Holman), a young mother who has only one true friend, her son Jacob (first-timer Luis James […]

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“Anger of the Dead” (2015): Uwe Boll Delivers Another Stale, Dull Zombie Flick

Anger of the Dead is a 2015 film written and directed by Francesco Picone that is adapted from his 2013 short film of the same name. Produced by Uwe Boll — yes, that Uwe Boll — the film follows our pregnant protagonist Alice, (Roberta Sparta) as she struggles to survive in a world that has […]