[Trailer] Genre Legends Lin Shaye And Bill Moseley Join Forces To Leave Us All SCARED TO DEATH

Billing itself as a horror/comedy SCARED TO DEATH promises us laughs as well as some kick-ass special effects provided by those magicians at  Legacy FX – they’ve had their hand in some recent, and upcoming hits including GODZILLA X KONG, AVATAR, THE SHAPE OF WATER and the upcoming ALIEN: ROMULUS.

As I stated in the headline – horror icons Lin Shaye and Bill Moseley star – along with Rae Dawn Chong and metal up-and-comer Kurt Deimer. Paul Boyd directs – and the storyline is as follows:

Jasper is a young opportunistic filmmaker yearning to climb the Hollywood ladder. While working as a lowly production assistant, he seizes his chance to be a “real” director when he suggests to his cantankerous boss that the crew and actors from their upcoming horror film attend a real séance in an old haunted house for research. 

The place they choose is an abandoned children’s shelter that has been closed for 70 years since the mysterious murders of five children in 1942. Ominously, the orphans were discovered scared to death. Once the séance begins, the motley crew find themselves trapped inside the old house and haunted by the children … and something possibly worse.

A trailer and a poster arrived today – time for a look.

Dave Dreher
Co-Founder / Lead News Reporter at Gruesome Magazine
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