[Review] ABIGAIL – A Movie Ruined By It’s Promotion

Finally getting caught up on some of the latest theatrical releases – especially now that a large number of them are clawing their way onto VOD or streaming services. One that I was particularly excited to see was the latest from the Radio Silence team – ABIGAIL. Was actually kind of pissed that my stupid personal schedule didn’t allow me to make it to the theater – but now that I’ve experienced it – kind of glad I didn’t waste the gas.

I know – that sounds like I’m about to crap all over this one – but in actuality – I’m just gonna fart on it a little. There is no denying the talent – and drive of the directing duo that is known as Radio Silence – their record speaks for itself. Olpin and Gillett have become the latest horror wunderkinds given the huge success of the last two SCREAM films – and READY OR NOT before those two films. For good reason, fan expectations were high and I think for most – those expectations were at the very least – acknowledged.

I’ve got two rather picky, but opinion-changing issues with this film. The first being – everybody and I do mean every damn person who went into this film knew that this was about a little girl, a ballerina who was a vampire. All the commercials, the hype, the online ads – everything made us aware of this. So why in the hell would we have to be almost 50 minutes into this film before we get any vampire action? Please – someone explain this to me!

The second issue is – once we get to the vampire action – this film plays out like an outtake reel for READY OR NOT – now, a strong argument can be made for the fact that – that’s not such a bad thing – the only reason to watch this movie is for that last half of the film because the first half – the set up that doesn’t matter because we all know the little girl is a vampire – is useless – a complete waste of time.

So – when the chase finally does begin, and the blood does begin to flow, at least there is a reason to be watching. But – people being chased around a mansion, wise-cracking and bloody, some of whom liquify in bloody explosions – does that sound familiar?

Yep – it’s READY OR NOT!

It feels like Radio Silence got together after the last SCREAM movie and said – “remember when we made that movie about people locked in a mansion and then at the end of the movie everyone exploded into giant blood geysers? We should do that again.” And then they did.

It felt lazy, it felt already done, and it felt like a rip-off.

The only way this movie could have worked is if the fact that Abigail was a vampire was a surprise – which as I mentioned, the marketing team made sure there was no way in hell anyone in the country with a mobile phone or computer wasn’t going to know that nugget – but even then – the fact that the last half of the film played out like edited scenes from READY OR NOT is still rather – cheap.

Now – with all that being said, and yes, I do feel better now that I’ve gotten that off my chest – I still had a lot of fun with portions of this film. It’s not a total waste of time – just a mostly waste of time.

Hopefully, Radio Silence has gotten their “blood geyser” fix now and can get their collective heads together and once again create something worthy of their reputation.

ABIGAIL is on VOD now – but I’m sure it will be on a streaming service somewhere soon – I would save the money and wait till it’s showing on something you’re already paying for.

This one is just a 2.5 star for this fearless vampire hunter.

*explodes into blood geyser*

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