RENEGADE FILM FEST Returns in 2025 – Don’t Call it a Comeback…We’ve Been Here for Years… 

After a most successful 2023 event in March, the Renegade Film Festival is taking a gap year in 2024. Parent company, Renegade Films has been busy with several film projects and there are a few more left to complete in 2024, hence the need for the break from the annual weekend festival.  However, they’re gonna knock you out in early 2025 with a return to the Strand Theatre

Founder and Fest Director Vanessa Ionta Wright has put together a solid team of Renegades to lead the fest into a new era. She went on to say, “It’s important that we continue to grow and try new things. I gathered a team that truly understands the mission and what we stand for at Renegade. A team of open minded creatives that are willing to put in the work and stand behind what has become a revolution.”

The new team consists of :

Tony Reames – Renegade Technology, an Atlanta based filmmaker and Renegade alum since 2017. “Renegade Film festival has always been a place where creativity rules the day and connections are made through the celebration of films and leaves me wanting to go out immediately and create something new and fun.  I am always in awe of Vanessa and her ability to harness so much positivity through boundless energy and enthusiasm.” – T. Reames

Rozalyn Mattocks – Renegade Communications, is an Atlanta based filmmaker and Renegade alum since 2017. “Renegade is the kind of festival where you have to pack a sandwich because you’re afraid to miss any of the films. It’s also an event that your favorite horror icons are hanging out and discussing their love of cinema. But most importantly, it’s a community of support and and inspiration.” – R. Mattocks

Tymm Hoffman – Renegade Distruptor, a Colorado based writer and producer and Renegade alum. “It only took one time attending the Renegade Film Festival to know I wanted to be part of this uniquely amazing community. Vanessa has done an incredible job of throwing open the doors and declaring ‘Hey you…on the fringe looking in…YOU BELONG HERE!’ When it comes to creativity, collaboration, diversity, inclusion and breaking down walls and barriers – Renegade Film Festival is doing it best and it’s the place I want to give my time and energy to.” – T. Hoffman

Since rebranding in 2021, it has been the mission of the Renegade Film Festival to foster inclusion and equality in independent cinema, by showcasing a diverse program of films and filmmakers from around the globe. 

“…We’re all playing in the same sandbox, and if you’ve had some experiences that boost your confidence and make you feel legitimate… that’s what I think the fest does the best. It really celebrates these talents…” – Heather Langenkamp, actress & filmmaker

“Proud to be a part of the Renegade Film Festival from its beginning. A beautiful and powerful event that showcases, honors and celebrates so many talented women in the film industry.” – Amanda Wyss, actress 

“I am absolutely delighted that I got to play at Renegade, it has been one of my career goals!” – Alison Peirse, filmmaker

“Wow. This fest was better than any other I’ve experienced. Vanessa and the team have curated a fantastic community of filmmakers and fans of the genre.” – Sloan Turner, filmmaker 

Submissions for films and screenplays are now open exclusively through Film Freeway.
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