[Interview] Author Anthony Northrup – STEPHEN KING DOLLAR BABY – THE BOOK

Stephen King has been and continues to be such a driving force in the genre that books and movies about his books and movies are now bestsellers – but no aspect of the author’s contributions to the genre was more overlooked than his DOLLAR BABY program that he started very early in his now legendary career.

Author Anthony Northrup recognized the need to have this amazing program researched and explained and his bestselling tome STEPHEN KING DOLLAR BABY – THE BOOK was born. The end result of months of research and interviews the book chronicles and reviews the stories behind the filmmakers and films that have been created as a result of the program.

I was fortunate to get to spend some time with Anthony – an encyclopedia of Stephen King knowledge and we talked about what led to him authoring what is now considered “the” go-to resource on the Dollar Baby program – grab a seat – let’s have a chat.

Anthony Northrup is the author of STEPHEN KING DOLLAR BABY: The Book & STEPHEN KING DOLLAR BABY: The Sequel, and also a contributor to Tri-County Sun Newspaper.

He is also the creator/head writer of the All Things King fan page and a contributor to FANZINE: STEPHEN KING (a new book from France).

Anthony has also contributed to Stephen Spignesi’s books STEPHEN KING AMERICAN MASTER & ELTON JOHN FIFTY YEARS ON and has been a yearly contributor to the STEPHEN KING ANNUAL CALENDAR by Stephen King Catalog.


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