80’s Indie Horror Heading To Blu-ray – Are You Ready For THE ABOMINATION

True guerilla filmmaking is a lost art, for the most part, these days – super cheap, shot-on-film horror gems just don’t exist in this digital age and that is truly something to be sad about but thankfully we can relive the good ole days thanks to companies like Visual Vengence who dig up some of these lost classics and bring them back into the hands of the fans. And with that, I bring you the news that a Super 8 gorefest from back in the day – THE ABOMINATION – will be getting its Blu-ray debut thanks to the aforementioned Visual Vengence. Got a little release trailer for you – all the details on the release will be below that.

Here’s your synopsis:

“Deep in the heart of rural Texas, a TV evangelist exorcises a tumor from the body of a loyal worshipper, who soon coughs up the growth. Unknown to her, the cancer is actually a carnivorous life form that slithers its way into her son Cody while he sleeps, growing inside him until he is completely under its control. Now Cody must feed the beast fresh victims to keep them both alive, as the monster grows out larger and larger, threatening to feast on everyone in its path.”

And – here’s all the great special features that this Collector’s Edition Blu-ray is gonna be packing.

  • New producer-supervised SD master from original master tapes
  • Limited Edition Slipcase by The Dude – FIRST PRESSING ONLY
  • 12 page mini comic book – FIRST PRESSING ONLY
  • Commentary with Director Bret McCormick
  • “Monster Kid Movie Maverick” – Brand New, Feature-Length Bret McCormick Interview (2022)
  • Actress Blue Thompson Interview (2022)
  • Actress Victoria Chaney Interview (2022)
  • Interview with The Abomination’s Original VHS distributor: Michael Jack Shoel (Donna Michelle Productions) (2022)
  • The Abomination – Filming Locations Tour (2022)
  • Super 8 Outtakes and Raw Footage – Reel 1
  • Super 8 Outtakes and Raw Footage – Reel 2
  • Image Gallery
  • Bret McCormick – Original Super 8 Films
  • 6 page Booklet with Essay by Tony Strauss
  • ‘Stick Your Own’ VHS Sticker Set
  • Reversible Sleeve Featuring Original VHS Art
  • And more!

September 29th is when this one will hit – there is no pre-order link yet but you can CLICK HERE and keep an eye out for the link once it’s available.

Dave Dreher
Co-Founder / Lead News Reporter at Gruesome Magazine
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