[Trailer] FULL MOON FEATURES Debuts A Trailer For THE PRIMEVALS – A Film Decades In The Making

For all us fans of Charles Band and his Full Moon Universe – THE PRIMEVALS is the stuff of legend. Initially a passion project for Academy Award-nominated visual effects artist David Allen – he worked on the film for many years. The concept was to use old-school stop-motion animation and live-action scenes to create a throwback epic. The live-action scenes wrapped production in 1994 and Allen worked on special effects until he died from cancer in 1999.

After his death, the film languished on a shelf for around 20 years and Charles Band has wanted to find a way to bring this visionary film to the fans. He found a way by joining forces with long-time associate Chris Endicott and late last year the film finally got finished.

That takes us to today. Charlie periodically posts up video updates titled FULL MOON UNIVERSE and in the most recent posting he debuts the trailer for THE PRIMEVALS and it is in fact nothing short of epic.

It was previously announced that the film will make its world debut at the FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL in July, which is exciting, and Band goes on to say that a few other festival screenings may occur before making its way to FULL MOON STREAMING and Blu-ray in time for Halloween.

Here’s what’s posted on Full Moon’s YouTube page:

“With the exciting news that the long awaited, decades in the making WORLD PREMIERE of David Allen’s THE PRIMEVALS will happen as part of the 2023 FANTASIA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, the time was right for our fearless leader Charles Band to resurrect our Full Moon Universe show and drop the OFFICIAL TRAILER for the film! Check it out!”

Dave Dreher
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