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Eli Roth’s THANKSGIVING is coming to theaters on November 24, 2023

Eli Roth’s upcoming horror movie “Thanksgiving” has been given a release date of November 24, 2023, which is the day before Thanksgiving. The movie is described as a slasher film that takes place during the holiday, and it is said to be inspired by classic horror movies from the 1970s and 1980s.

The script for “Thanksgiving” was written by Roth and Jeff Rendell, and Roth will also direct the movie. The article notes that Roth has previously directed horror movies such as “Hostel” and “Cabin Fever,” and that “Thanksgiving” is his first feature film in several years.

The release date for the movie is said to have been chosen to capitalize on the popularity of horror movies during the Halloween and holiday seasons.

Source: Deadline

Evil Dead Rise director, Lee Cronin, has lined up his next horror feature, THAW, for New Line

Lee Cronin, known for directing “Evil Dead Rise,” is set to write and direct a new horror thriller called “Thaw” for StudioCanal and The Picture Company. The plot details for the movie are being kept under wraps, but the article notes that the project has been described as a “claustrophobic thriller” that takes place in an isolated setting.

“Thaw” is Cronin’s first solo writing effort, as he previously co-wrote “Evil Dead Rise” with filmmaker Sam Raimi. The movie will be produced by The Picture Company’s Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman, and StudioCanal will handle international sales and distribution. No casting or release date information has been announced yet.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Paramount will release the upcoming HE’LL COME KNOCKING scarefest from director Patrick Brice

Paramount Pictures has acquired the rights to “He’ll Comes Knocking,” a horror package that includes a script, a novella, and a short film. The package was created by filmmaker Tobias Iaconis, who is known for his work on the horror movie “The Uninvited.”

The script for “He’ll Comes Knocking” was co-written by Iaconis and his frequent collaborator Mikki Daughtry, and it is said to be a “visceral and suspenseful” horror movie that takes place in a small town. The novella and short film that are included in the package are said to provide additional context and backstory for the movie.

The package was highly sought after by several studios and production companies before Paramount secured the rights. The studio is said to be fast-tracking the project for production, with Iaconis attached to direct and Daughtry attached to produce. No casting or release date information has been announced yet.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Blumhouse acquires the rights to the paranormal tale, “MR. ENTITY: The Moffitt Family Haunting.”

Blumhouse Television has signed a multi-year overall deal with writer-producer Deborah Jessica Moffitt. As part of the deal, Moffitt will create and develop new TV projects for the production company. The article notes that Moffitt has previously worked on shows such as “Criminal Minds” and “The Vampire Diaries,” and that she has a background in psychology, which she incorporates into her storytelling.
Moffitt’s first project under the deal will be a supernatural thriller series called “Mr. Entity,” which is being developed for the streaming platform Peacock.

The series is described as a “creepy, character-driven supernatural thriller,” and it follows a woman who begins to experience strange and terrifying occurrences after she takes a job at a mysterious corporation.

“Mr. Entity” is one of several projects that Blumhouse Television is currently developing for Peacock, including a TV adaptation of the horror movie “The Others.”

Source: Variety

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