[Exclusive Pics] Prepare For The World Premiere Of HELLBILLY HALLOW With These Exclusive Pics

Told you a few weeks back that the new thriller HELLBILLY HOLLOW would be making its world premiere as the closing film at this year’s NEW YORK CITY HORROR FESTIVAL, which is happening this weekend in the Big Apple. To celebrate this amazing achievement we have a set of exclusive pics to share with you.

As a reminder – Hellbilly Hollow will now make its World Premiere on Sunday, December 4 at the New York City Horror Film Festival, attended by director/actor Kevin Wayne and producer/actor Kurt Deimer. Rising rockstar Deimer also contributed songs to the film’s rousing heavy metal soundtrack. Hellbilly Hollow was produced by Andy Gould, who previously produced Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects, 31, Lords of Salem, and Zombie’s two Halloween films, among others.

In Hellbilly Hollow, Deimer and Wayne play horribly scarred—and seriously twisted —brothers Bull and Tickles. The demented siblings run the titular haunted attraction, weaving in real murders and mayhem into their staged shenanigans. A team of YouTube paranormal activity seekers visit Bull’s backwoods attraction in search of a supernatural scoop, only to find more terror than they bargained for!

Deimer appeared in the blockbuster 2018 Halloween reboot. Hellbilly Hollow co-stars McKalin Hand (Black Lightning), Megan Weaver, and Hallie Shepherd (The Werewolf Diaries). The film’s gruesome makeup FX were created by Jonathan Thornton (Oculus, Kill Theory). 

Dave Dreher
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