Isabelle Fuhrman Is Back In A “First Look” Pic From UNIT 234

She kinda amazed me in ORPHAN: FIRST KILL – and it’s sounding like her next project – UNIT 234 might just be one to keep an eye on. I’m talking about Isabelle Fuhrman – she seems to be everywhere all of a sudden and you know what, I’m totally OK with that.

Variety provided the world with our first look at Fuhrman in the film.

Andy Tennant directs this one that tells the story of “Laurie Saltair (Fuhrman) who discovers the comatose man, Clayton, in Unit 234 of her family’s storage facility, while working the night shift alone. What transpires is a thrill ride of a cat-and-mouse game for Laurie and Clayton to survive the night.”

Jack Huston and Don Johnson also star.

No release info just yet but – that should be coming soon. We’ve got our eyes on this one.

Dave Dreher
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