[EXCLUSIVE] “MexZombies” Trailer

Gruesome has dug up the exclusive trailer to MexZombies, the new Spanish-language living dead flick streaming on TelevisaUnivision’s ViX+ October 26. ViX+, the premium tier of the first large-scale streaming service created specifically for the Spanish-speaking world, just debuted two other horror premieres, Presencias and El Vestido De La Novia.

Directed by TV veteran Chava Cartas (helmer of 2018’s chiller The Tenants), MexZombies stars Iñaki Godoy, Marcelo Barceló, Roberta Damián, Luciana Vale, Vincent Webb, Daniel Tovar and Bárbara de Regil.

The horror comedy follows the adventures of two somewhat misfit teenagers: movie nerd Cronos and aspiring parkour expert Tavo. Along with their buddies from the swanky Sierra Linda neighborhood, the kids run straight into a zombie apocalypse in Mexico City.

A hit at the recent Toronto After Dark Festival, MexZombies sports some top-notch makeup FX by Alfredo Mora (Club Dread, Vampires: Los Muertos) and Eddie Mounster.

MexZombies, Presencias and El Vestido De La Novia are available only on ViX+ across the United States, Mexico and most Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America. This Halloween, try some fun frights with an Hispanic twist!

Tony Timpone