The Night He Runs Home – Brings Us Some Shoes To Die For

Horror-themed footwear is certainly not a new thing but – affordable, good-looking horror footwear is a bit harder to come by. has got our back though – they’ve got two new sets of Michael Myer’s themed sneakers that are as handsome as they are inexpensive.

They’ve just released a pair of high tops along with a pair of low tops – and both styles are pretty damn fine. Check out the pics below, decide how many pairs you’re going to need – ordering details will be beneath the pictures.

Here’s the breakdown for the two styles:

High Top Style – “These Michael Myers Halloween Shoes combine the devious and unstoppable style of Halloween‘s dastardly villain, with a simple high top design that’s comfortable enough for everyday wear. The shoes have an all-over print of Michael wielding a knife. The orange laces and accents add a uniquely Halloween splash of color and the back of the shoes even have “Halloween” along the back strap. Put that all together and you have a style that cannot be stopped, just like Michael Myers himself!”

Low Top Style: – “These shoes combine Michael Myers with a classic low top style. The shoes come with a printed image of Michael Myers on the side, complete with blood splatters and a knife for deadly effect. The shoe also has white accents near the eyelets and along the backstrap for color contrast. Finally, the tongue has the quote “You Can’t Kill the Boogeyman” for added creep factor. You can wear it to get yourself into the Halloween mood, or just a bit of horror movie style into your everyday wear!”

So, here’s the really nice part – you can pick these up for just $39.99 a pair – nope, I didn’t type that in wrong. $39.99 – go get them while you can. CLICK HERE to order the High Tops – and CLICK HERE to grab those Low Tops.

Dave Dreher
Co-Founder / Lead News Reporter at Gruesome Magazine
Dave is co-founder and lead news reporter for Gruesome. Dave has built his resume working for Diabolique Magazine, The Horror Channel,, House of Horrors and Creature Corner. He has worked with Tom Savini on his official site since 1997 and is also co-host of the popular podcast Horror News Radio.