Discovery + Slated To Bring Us The True Story Behind SCREAM

Seems like we’ve been talking a lot about SCREAM – and with good reason, the new film is slated to hit theaters on Jan. 14th so the news has been flying at us at a pretty consistent pace but tonight’s news is a little different.

It’s not a secret but there still may be a group of you that are not aware of the fact the SCREAM – the original Wes Craven classic, which was penned by Kevin Williamson – was based on a news report that Williamson had seen about The Gainsville Ripper back in 1994.

Discovery + has an ongoing series titled Shock Docs that goes behind films and researches and investigates the true stories that inspired said films. You guessed it – coming the very day that SCREAM’22 opens in theaters, the streaming service will bring us SCREAM: THE TRUE STORY.

The presentation is described as follows:

Beginning in 1989, Danny Rolling stalked and murdered eight victims in Shreveport, Louisiana, and Gainesville, Florida, including five college students. Rolling claimed he was possessed by a demon named “Gemini” when he committed his crimes; he was eventually convicted and executed in 2006. Now, paranormal investigator Steve Shippy and renowned psychic medium Cindy Kaza join forces to uncover the truth behind Rolling’s claims that a demon made him kill.

“We all know the Scream films, but the inspiration behind them is a terrifying true story that many don’t know,” said Shippy. “As we began to peel back the layers, the investigation became more and more disturbing. There was a malicious, devious energy coming at us from every angle. It felt like pure evil.”

“This was one of the most intense and challenging experiences I’ve ever had,” said Kaza. “We made contact with a sinister presence, and it was definitely the most manipulative spirit that I have ever worked with. I felt like I was being messed with during the entire investigation. It shook me to my core.”

Shippy and Kaza are the first to ever conduct a paranormal investigation at the campsite near the University of Florida campus from which Rolling stalked his victims, as well as inside his childhood home in Louisiana, where aggressive poltergeist activity plagues the current homeowners. Interviews with experts and those connected to the case, including Rolling’s ex-fiancée, reveal that evil has run in his family for generations. Shippy and Kaza are confronted by powerful malevolent energy during their intense investigation – could it be the demonic force that possessed Rolling, or is it the spirit of Rolling himself? Fearing for everyone’s safety, they call in a demonologist to conduct an exorcism and help battle off the evil forces.

Sounds creepy, right?

If you subscribe to the streaming service – remember, this documentary streams on Jan. 14th – the same day SCREAM hits theaters.

Dave Dreher
Co-Founder / Lead News Reporter at Gruesome Magazine
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