[Gruesome Music] Review: CRASH OF THE CROWN – STYX [2021]

Hearkening back to the style and sound of their groundbreaking album The Grand Illusion – which hit record stores way back in 1977 – the latest release from STYXCrash Of The Crown is living proof that everything old is new again, as this album sounds freaking fantastic.

For many – questions arose on the band’s future when the lead singer – Dennis DeYoung – departed way back in 2000 but – here we stand, 21 years later and this band is as tight and precise as ever, maybe even more so. While DeYoung did offer his own mark on the band – it is without one single doubt that Tommy Shaw – long-time guitarist and vocalist – is now and likely always has been, the driving force behind this band’s sound.

Crash Of The Crown marks the band’s first release in 4 years. Releases have been sporadic in these later decades of their career – the ’70s brought 9 albums, with most of their hits coming at that time – all classic rock staples today. Two releases in the ’80s, two in the 90’s – and the 2000s have brought us four albums – including the one we are currently talking about.

With that being said – let’s talk about Crash Of The Crown.

STYX seems to have inadvertently stumbled upon the perfect collection of music and lyrics for pulling out of a pandemic as I found this album to be full of hope and love and offering up a positive message that we all so much need right now. 15 tracks that at times I felt were telling one linear story, although in my research I could find no proof that the album was written as a concept album. At certain points throughout the album, we are treated to short musical interludes that seem to be wanting to transport us through the messages the band has put together for us.

Tracks like The Fight of Our Lives, Save Us From Ourselves, and Sound The Alarm hold such powerful meaning in this age of COVID – although all the songs were written before any knew what it was – their message of family and holding the true importance of living close to your heart rings through loud and clear.

This album is a celebration – not just of the music of STYX but of society’s ability to heal itself, even when a large contingent of said society only wants to bring harm. It’s a celebration of hope and a message of intelligence over intolerance and of love overcoming ignorance. It’s the perfect soundtrack to 2021.

The track listing is:

1.“The Fight of Our Lives”1:54
2.“A Monster”3:27
4.“Hold Back the Darkness”3:58
5.“Save Us from Ourselves”3:02
6.“Crash of the Crown”3:46
7.“Our Wonderful Lives”3:06
8.“Common Ground”4:00
9.“Sound the Alarm”3:35
10.“Long Live the King”2:33
11.“Lose at Sea”0:38
12.“Coming out the Other Side”3:48
13.“To Those”3:01
14.“Another Farewell”0:26

Crash Of The Crown is out now – you can get it wherever you stream your music, Apple Music, Amazon Music – it’s everywhere. Here’s the title cut – just to give you a small taste of what you in for.

Dave Dreher
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