Another Hole in the Head Announces Second Edition of Its Online Warped Dimension Film Festival

Warped Dimension, a Zoom-based online film festival from the fine folks behind San Francisco’s Another Hole in the Head film fest, returns for its second edition May 7th through 9th this year, and horror, science fiction, and genre-film fans of all stripes will want to dive into the offbeat, quirky, and unusual features and shorts scheduled. Following is the fest’s official press announcement. For more information, visit

In 2020, the original Warped Dimension was the first online film festival to be presented entirely through the Zoom app. Our second edition takes place May 7th through May 9th, 2021. It will showcase Independent films from the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Horror, Thriller/Suspense, Warped Comedy, Animation, Slasher/Splatter, and Art/Experimental — as well as Music Videos and Documentaries with related content. 6 Features and 39 Short Films will be streamed over the three days of the fest.

Conceived in a time when conventional online festival venues are offering an isolating, Home Video-like experience, Warped Dimension seeks to keep the audience in touch with the collective, spontaneous festival spirit. There will be no VOD; each film will screen once, at its scheduled time. Virtually every film will be followed by a live-streaming Q&A session with the filmmakers. There is also the possibility of special guests dropping in without prior notice.

Produced by members of the team that has brought SF IndieFest’s Another Hole in the Head (AHITH) to San Francisco for 17 years, this online festival continues AHITH’s unconventional, DIY tradition by re-purposing the functions of the Zoom Webinar platform to serve the needs of the audience:

  • The Polling button allows the audience to rate each film immediately after viewing. The films with the highest ratings will win Audience Awards in various categories.
  • The Q&A button allows the audience to write in any questions they have about the films, which will be answered after each screening, either by the filmmakers during Live Q&A or by festival staff.
  • The optional chatbox allows the audience to share their comments and reactions with one another during the film, via text and emojis.

SCHEDULE [all times PDT (UTC -7)]:

OPENING NIGHT: Friday, May 7th

The fest kicks off at 6 pm with The Diabolical Schemes of Thadeus Jackson – Directed by Brandon Crowson (USA, 2020) Science Fiction, Fantasy, Warped Comedy A former NSA Agent risks it all in an attempt to kill The Supremacist, Defender of Capitalism and The American Way.

We continue at 8 pm with The Cloud – Directed by Colin Johnson, Nikki Meñez, Alejandro Emmanuel Torres, & Sarah Coykendall (USA, 2021) Horror, Science Fiction Told through several personal video feeds, we track the proliferation of ReKompoZe, a sinister mobile app that infiltrates and attacks the lives of several unsuspecting users. A found footage film, based on a popular live anthology series from San Francisco.

SECOND NIGHT: Saturday, May 8th

The evening begins at 6 pm with Death Wish Revision – Directed by Jorge Torres-Torres (USA, 2020) Art/Experimental, Thriller/Suspense, Fan Film Back by popular demand! This award-winning feature from AHITH 2020 is a mind-blowing homage to the iconic Death Wish series. Featuring scenes from all five of the original films, plus audio and video content from over 250 other cinema classics, this is a truly unique viewing experience!

At 8 pm we present 13 Knives – Directed by William Stancik (USA, 2021) Warped Comedy, Science Fiction, Horror Two investigators tour the site of an alien-worshipping cult’s mass suicide, in this deadpan Lynchian comedy.

CLOSING DAY:Sunday, May 9th

Our all-day showcase of five short film collections runs from 8 am to 6 pm. Please note that the titles in each collection are listed alphabetically, and do not reflect their order in the screening.


An Apparition – Directed by Nagaraju (India, 2020) Art/Experimental. Warped Comedy The Bag – Directed by Robert M. Snyder (USA, 2017) Science Fiction, Horror, Warped Comedy dystopia – Directed by bellopropello (Switzerland, 2018) Science Fiction, Animation, Art/Experimental Golem – Directed by Ryan Cauchi (Australia, 2020) Horror Kevin Klein Live Animation #3 – Directed by Eduardo Juarez Jr (USA, 2017) Animation, Warped Comedy, Local Filmmaker Quality Time [*World Premiere*]- Directed by James Breedlove (USA, 2021) Warped Comedy Se7en Green Bottles – Directed by Mick Dow & François Zaidi (UK, 2020) Thriller/Suspense, Science Fiction The Tenant – Directed by Sai Katta (USA, 2021) Horror Transfert – Directed by Jonathan Degrelle (France, 2019) Science Fiction.


Dating in the Zombie Apocalypse – Directed by Nicole de Meneses (USA, 2021) Science Fiction, Horror, Warped Comedy, LGBT+, Local Filmmaker The Devil’s Cup – Directed by Greg Flakus (USA, 2020) Crime, Horror “DISINTEGRATION” – Tales Of Mere Existence [*World Premiere*] – Directed by Levni Yilmaz (USA, 2021) Animation, Warped Comedy, Art/Experimental, Local Filmmaker Mind the Trap (A Fantasy Madness Adventure Module) [*World Premiere*] – Directed by William Darmon (USA, 2021) Horror, Fantasy, Warped Comedy, Action/Adventure The Rage – Directed by Steven DeRock (Canada, 2021) Thriller/Suspense Remember Me In Therapy – Directed by Jacob Mollot (USA, 2020) Science Fiction, Warped Comedy, Student Film viewers:1 – Directed by Daigo Hariya & Yosuke Kobayashi (Japan, 2021) Science Fiction, Warped Comedy.


after-image – Directed by Ian Gibbins (Australia, 2020) Art/Experimental Carry Us, Luminous Traveler [*Online Premiere*] – Directed by Stephen Cowdrey (USA, 2021) Fantasy, Animation, Art/Experimental, Local Filmmaker Fecundation – Directed by David Hauptschein (USA, 1981) Animation, Art/Experimental Gaia – Directed by Hector Quijano (USA, 2020) Fantasy, Art/Experimental Geneva Jacuzzi’s Casket – Directed by Chris Friend (USA, 2021) Science Fiction, Art/Experimental, Musical/Music Video Wave Form – Directed by Tiz (Daniel Tysdal) (Canada, 2020) Art/Experimental, Documentary Welcome to the Machine [*Online Premiere*] – Directed by Brett Douglas Unger (USA, 1991) Art/Experimental, Musical/Music Video, Documentary, Student Film, Local Filmmaker.


Distinct Properties of the Indonesian Spotted Tree Frog – Directed by Brendan Lee Hickey (USA, 2020) Fantasy, Warped Comedy Drug Den [*World Premiere*] – Directed by Adam Gascho (USA, 2018) Thriller/Suspense LA Meets Provo [*World Premiere*] – Directed by Reed Williams (USA, 2021) Documentary, Warped Comedy Logan Lee & the Rise of the Purple Dawn – Directed by Raymond C. Lai (USA, 2020) Warped Comedy, Science Fiction, Horror Pleasant Valley Drive In – Directed by Brian Zahm (USA, 2020) Warped Comedy, Art/Experimental STALAG III-C – Directed by Jason Rogan (USA, 2019) Horror, Thriller/Suspense, Local Filmmaker Three Poems by My Friend Lenna Mendoza [*Online Premiere*] – Directed by Grant Raun (USA, 2020) Warped Comedy, Art/Experimental, Musical/Music Video Vampire Bud: The Bud of a Vampire – Directed by Alex Salazar (USA, 2020) Horror, Warped Comedy.


A Blaster In The Right Hands: A Star Wars Story – Directed by Richard de Carvalho (Australia, 2020) Science Fiction, Action/Adventure, Fan Film The Body – Directed by Adam Weber (Australia, 2020) Crime, Mystery/Noir, Warped Comedy The Dark Odyssey – Directed by Michael Lavine (USA, 2020) Science Fiction, Animation A Darker Place – Directed by Rowan Kelley (USA, 2020) Horror, Student Film A Machine For Boredom [*Online Premiere*] – Directed by Marc Cartwright (USA, 2020) Art/Experimental Mercer County, You’re On The Air – Directed by Mike J. McAllister (USA, 2020) Horror, Animation The Monster of the Desert [*World Premiere*]- Directed by Adam Van Dyke (USA, 2021) Horror Tutu Grande – Directed by Derek Sitter (USA, 2018) Thriller/Suspense, Mystery/Noir.

CLOSING NIGHT: Sunday, May 9th

At 6 pm we will present The Black Market: San Francisco (ASMR) [*World Premiere*] – Directed by Alexander Roman (USA, 2021) Art/Experimental, Mystery/Noir, Crime The staff at a San Francisco art gallery & rare bookshop operates a curious side-hustle: in addition to the import/export of hot items, they cater to clients needing organ transplants. But all is thrown into turmoil when their leader finds himself needing that very special service. This experimental film infuses dark dramatic narrative material with ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) techniques. Note: Headphones are strongly recommended in order to experience the full effect.

Closing out the festival at 8 pm will be Companion – Directed by John Darbonne (USA, 2021) Horror Across a haunted landscape, a woman driven by guilt must place her faith in a violent stranger in order to save her husband.

The Warped Dimension Team:

George Kaskanlian Jr., Producer

Romany Adams, Producer

Benji Carver, Producer

Bob Pearce of KillerBob Graphics, Art Director

The $1 registration fee for each date provides admission to all programming on that date. This includes Sunday, May 9th, when we will be offering 14 hours of continuous content for a single dollar. Please visit for ticketing and further program information.

Joseph Perry
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