(Gruesome Music) Review – The Ride – Small Town Titans

Hailing from York, Pennsylvania – the hard-rocking trio Small Town Titans recently released their debut album The Ride upon the world and I have to honestly tell you, it is the best collection of Midwestern, working man, rock and roll I’ve listened to in quite a few years.

A little back story – Small Town Titans first came onto my radar a few years back when they released a video performing an incredibly intoxicating version of The Grinch around the holiday season – it quickly became one of my favorite holiday metal songs so – I followed their YouTube page and have been following their happenings ever since – culminating in the release of The Ride – a collection of infectious sing-along tracks that will make any fan of Midwestern rock smile from ear to ear.

Small Town Titans is a three-man ensemble of incredibly talented performers. Puncuated by the powerful voice of lead vocalist Phil FreemanSmall Town Titans deliver a passionate and exciting style of rock and roll that can only come from life experience. Their lyrics hit home to any person who has ever had to punch a time card and earn a buck to keep the lights on. No song on The Ride exemplifies that more than 9 to 5 – a sing-along classic for the working man, I dare you to not be joining along in the chorus – and if you don’t, we can’t be friends anymore. Listen and agree!

Their press release describes the band:

“The Small Town Titans are an American rock n’ roll power trio from York, Pennsylvania, who love to constantly create, as well as play live. Gone is the notion that a rock band should only release 10 songs at a time every 2 years. In a world where music fans crave new content constantly, the Small Town Titans aim to deliver their brand of art all of the time, drawing inspiration from rock legends such as the Foo FightersAudioslave, and Deep Purple. Thanks to their efforts at taking matters into their own hands, STT can create and release songs, podcasts, live online concerts, and more with no rules. In a social media driven world, STT knows releasing quality, constant content for their fans is as important as playing great live shows.

The band was formed on May 4, 2011 at Lebanon Valley College, where Phil, Ben, and Jonny all met, and had finally decided to jam together towards the end of Phil’s senior year . Phil and Jonny had been close friends for years prior to the band’s first jam session, with Ben and Jonny also having known each other and staying in touch throughout school since freshman year. After playing together, it didn’t take long for the group to decide to start playing shows live locally. The name “Small Town Titans” had been in Phil’s back pocket for years, and he had finally found the band that fit the name. It didn’t take long for the group to grow a very loyal local fanbase, as they continued to hone their live performance chops, playing clubs on weekends and mixing their original material with covers of classic and modern rock songs. Soon after, the band began to take their career more seriously. They decided to hit the road full time, and began to release more material, and plenty of music videos.”

While Freeman’s incredible range – and ability to growl and scream in tune is a major attraction – we must not be remiss not to mention the other two members of the band as they are equally qualified and talented. Ben Guiles handles the guitar duties and is blistering when he is given the opportunity to shine. Jonny Ross holds the beat – and does one hell of a job doing so. Freeman also handles the bass line – as well as the vocals. All three of them harmonize so incredibly well – it’s just flat our mesmerizing. No other way to put it.

The Ride is one of – and possibly, my favorite release so far this year. Good old, homegrown, American rock and roll – born of hard work, sweat, and tears – and brought to life with talent and passion. A combination that always leads to amazing things.

I have not yet had the thrill of seeing Small Town Titans live but I know without a doubt, whenever that happens – it will be a concert experience like no other. These guys are going places – remember you heard it from me first -go right now and pick up The Ride.

Track Listing:

Track List: (Click the links to check out the videos for those tracks)
1. Rufflin’ Feathers 
2. The Man 
3. Behind The Moon 
4.. Let Me Breathe 
5. Universal Limits 
6. 9 to 5 
7. Sex And Candy 
8. When It All Comes Down 
9. Junkie For You (Hey Mama) 
10.The Ride

Follow this link to purchase – stream THE RIDE.

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