FilmQuest Official 2020 Selections Include Vampires, Creeps, and Brains

FilmQuest is well known as a film festival rich with genre-cinema treasures, and the fest strongly backs up that reputation with its superb 2020 official selections. The seventh annual FilmQuest will take place on dates to be determined at the Velour Live Music Gallery in Provo, Utah.  I have already seen — and can highly recommend — the terrific horror anthology The Mortuary Collection, the raucous punk rock-infused horror comedy Uncle Peckerhead, and the fine, funny reimagining of The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, and I can safely assume that the other features on tap are just as strong. Among the dozens of fine short films scheduled are Backward Creep, directed by Gruesome Magazine’s own Christopher G. Moore, and both The Obliteration of the Chickens and Disco Graveyard from prolific director Izzy Lee. Following is the official announcement from FilmQuest.

The 2020 FilmQuest saw exactly 1,100 films and screenplays submitted for consideration. From these submissions, we have made our Official Selections across several categories from around the world to play and compete at the 2020 FilmQuest Festival. Screenplay finalists were chosen by a group of professional third party judges, who judged a record amount of screenplay submissions this year, of which we expanded the list to 75 finalists. A total of 25 nations are represented in the final selections; 52% of all films selected were either written, directed, and/or produced by a female filmmaker.

The Brain That Wouldn’t Die

The 7th annual FilmQuest will take place on a TBD date at the Velour Live Music Gallery in beautiful Downtown Provo, Utah. Tickets and passes will go on sale once the new date has been determined, due to Covid-19 related circumstances. The website will be updated with information on each film in preparation for the physical festival this Fall. More information about FilmQuest’s plan for Covid-19 can be found here: Covid-19 Information

Nominations will be announced for all awards at a later date. Film blocks and schedules will be announced near the announcement of the new dates. Premiere statuses TBD. Selections are subject to change before the festival.

Start planning your FilmQuest experience today!


12 Hour Shift – USA

Danger! Danger! – USA

Meander – France

Survival Skills – USA

The Brain That Wouldn’t Die – USA

The Mortuary Collection

The Mortuary Collection – USA

The Reckoning – UK

The Return – Canada

There’s No Such Thing as Vampires – USA

They Live Inside Us – USA

Uncle Peckerhead

Uncle Peckerhead – USA



A Perfect Circle – USA

A Play – USA

Afterlife – Ireland

Allergic Overreaction – USA

And Then God Laughed – Mexico

APPyness – USA

Beauty Juice – USA

Below – USA

Common Decency – USA

Curses LLC – USA

Demon Cooler – USA

Dent – USA

Don’t Sneeze – Canada

Exterminator – USA

Flick – USA

Frank & Mary – UK

Hellevate – USA

Imagine a World – Canada

Inflatio – USA

Make A Wish – USA

Meat Lovers – USA

Miracle Desert – USA

Numerus Duo – USA

OverKill – USA

Peter the Penguin – UK

Rattenfalle – USA

Seasonal Depression – Canada

Tea Time – USA

The Speed of Time – USA

The Virgin Amus – USA

Unholy ‘Mole – USA


Inferno – New Zealand


The Obliteration of the Chickens

A Storybook Ending – USA

Banjanxed – USA

Buffalo & Trout – USA

Chill – USA

Disco Graveyard – USA

First Lesson – USA – USA

Green Cobra – USA

Honour They Mother – USA

I’ll End Up in Jail – Canada

Mom Fight – USA

Monstrous Circus – France

Plainsong – Canada

Postmarked – USA

Push the Point – USA

Stalag III-C – Belarus

The Baker – USA

The Face of the Deep – USA

The Hour After Westerly – USA

The Last Pizza – China

The Legacy – France

The Long Walk Back – UK

The Obliteration of the Chickens – USA

The Stranger – South Africa

The Wick – UK

VR Food – USA

Washed – USA


And So He Opens His Eyes – Russia

Barrier – USA

BOS – Belgium

Circle of Stone – USA

Darling, Darling, Wendy – USA

Exactly As They Are – USA

Know-It-All – USA

Last Dream Before Sunrise – USA

Moon Drops – Serbia

Superhero – Luxembourg

The Ballad of John St. George – USA

The Last Incantation – USA

The Rougarou – USA

Your Monster – USA


$trip – USA

Antique – Norway

Backward Creep – USA

Central Dental – Canada

Changeling – UK

Concealer – USA

Crawler – Sweden

Culpa – USA

Dar-Dar – Spain

Day Break – USA

Death Walks on Nitrate – USA

Diabla – USA

Dinner For One – USA

Duérmete Niño – Canada

Face Your Fears – USA

Ghosted – USA

Go Back – USA

Goodnight Death – USA

Hammurabi – USA

Here There Be Tygers – USA

Hide and Seek – USA

Hungry Joe – UK

Last Dance – UK

Lily in the Maze – USA

Limbo: The Edge of Hell – Spain

Lose It – USA

Love Bite – USA

Mateo – Mexico

Melania – Germany

Mr. Tickelz – USA

Need Anything – USA

Night Crawl – USA

Odd Girl – Canada

Pakok – USA

Pieces of Me – USA

Pigs – France

Public Lot – USA

Red Light Green Light – USA

Rental – USA

Ride Complete – USA

Routine – USA

Seek – USA

Sensor – USA

Show Me Jack – USA

Shut Eye – USA

Significant Other – USA

Smiley Death Face – USA

Snake Eyes: An ASMR Nightmare Experience – USA

Swipe – Netherlands

Teething – Canada

The Altruist – USA

The Barber – Ukraine

The Burden – Netherlands

The Door – USA

The Howling Wind – USA

The Prisoner – UK

The Rejected – Turkey

The Survivors – USA

Three Minutes – USA

Truth or Scare – USA

Wash – Sweden

Willa – Canada


Accomplice – USA

Amara – USA

Anemone – Italy

Annie, We’re Here For You – USA

Echo – Spain

Exkursion – Germany

Flip – New Zealand

Infinity 7 – USA

Jeff Drives You – USA

Living Things – UK

Muse – UK

My Little China Girl – France

Polvotron 500 – Spain

Roughneck – USA

Ruby Red – USA

Sandbox – Norway

Skywatch – USA

Snowflakes – UK

The Fantastic Folly of Future Jess – USA

The Immortal – Australia

The Last Man on Earth – New Zealand

The Man Who Took Out the Trash – USA

Transfert – France

You Wouldn’t Understand – USA


American Killjoy – USA

Circadian – USA

Cradle Song – USA

Kepler 138 – USA

Love Spell – USA

Lumeria – USA

The Cultist Next Door – USA

The Tell Tale Heart – USA

Through the Valley of the Hunter – USA



Downs of the Dead – Norway

Witchin’ – USA


Love (and so on) – USA


Eye for an Eye – Australia

Knightman – USA

The Beast – UK


A Strange Calm – USA

Exit – Russia

Gaslight – Australia

Milk Teeth – USA

Nymph – Ireland

Soon Comes Night – USA

The History of Monsters – USA

The Rule of Three – USA


Abe’s Story – Ireland

Black Forest Sanatorium – Canada

Chef Giants – USA

Dark Ride – USA

Fast Feud – USA

Meanwhile, at the Abandoned Factory – Australia

One Last Monster – USA

Passage – India/USA

Quirkistador – Luxembourg

Spark – USA

The Animator – USA

The Breakfast Nook – USA

The Haunted Swordsman

The Haunted Swordsman – USA

Theourgia – USA

Tides Are Changing – USA

Too Late – Canada

Tragic Magic – USA


Amazong Prunk – USA

Disappear – USA

Down the Line – USA

Falling – Canada

Funeral – Mexico

Helluva Ride – Canada

Human Killer – USA

I’m So Depressed – USA

Nice Shoes – USA

Piso 21 – Mexico


Suckers – USA

The Call of Cthulhu – Ireland

The Enigma Men – USA

Trials – USA

You’re Afraid – USA


After Ray – USA

American Tourist: Nightmare in Thailand – USA/Thailand

Dark Before Dawn – Canada

In Limbo – USA

Karate Tortoise – USA

Over and Out – Australia

Sydney Sleuthers – Australia

The Influencers – USA

The Kara Morgan Show: Western – USA

Thumb Runner – USA

Zenith Run – USA


More information will be provided about FQ Express, and if a FQ Express competition will in fact be taking place, once our new dates are determined for the 2020 festival. 


All unproduced screenplay finalists chosen by a team of third party judges. Winners and Top 20 & Top 5 (Features) and Top 5 (Shorts) will be announced at the festival.


A Night in the Country by Larry Hankin

Best of Virginia by Matthew Corley

Benny B by Patrick Hogan

Bestial by Clark D. Schaefer

Cadicle by James Fox & Darrell Gabonia

Cellular Memory by Brian Erwin & Christina Hunsicker

Cover Crop by Jeffrey Howe

Crazy Time by Andrew Cooper

Darkroom by Levi Buchanan

Diamond Lake by Justin Michael Terry

Erased by Camille Huot & Ambrealys

Faithful Shadow by Kevin J. Howard

First Nation by Thomas DiMassimo

Fractal by Euroy Tan

Gifts by Josh Kaukl

Graven by David Campfield

Guacamole Yesterday by Hudson Phillips

Gullun Drift by Richard Clarke

Hometown by James Rees

Hurricane Party by James B. Cox

In Country by Scott Peterman & Cat Davis

Kelipot by Seth Nesenholtz

Kudzu by Marisa Forrest

Lonely Planet by Karl Mather

Meth Gators by Jordan Miller

No Overnight Parking by Meg Swertlow

Orson by Jared Egol

Palisades by Richard P. Alvarez

Precipice by Avishai Weinberger

Saint Shari by Dana Hammer

Salt West by Samuel Peirce

Siege by Ian Neligh

Share by Neil Krolicki

Soul Passage by Patrick Mediate and Kristin Ilagan

Stephen the Demon by Georgina Cahill

Study in Blue by Patrick Clement

The Box Pony Express by G.S. Leitgeb

The Burgeoning Death by Chelsea Lutz

The Chamber by Sergio Pinheiro

The Greenhouse by Wylie Rush

The Grip by Alex Gold

The Horror Film Killer by Michael J. Bowler

The Last Schubert Hotel by Sean Hennessy 

They Hunt at Night by Rob Walker

Too Many Wades by Stirling J. McLaughlin & Wilder Konschak

Trip by Michael Klug

Until Death by Alyssa Stevens

Video Nasties by Cary McKnight

Where the Devil Resides by Travis Heermann

Why, Arizona by Isaiah Mouw


Again by Dorian Frankel

Blank by Avishai Weinberger & Tova Weinberger

Come Along, Harry Higgins by Kevin Machate

Fear of Falling by Jeffrey Stackhouse

Ghost Chicken by Vincent DiSanti

Gift by Jeff Kallet

Gobble by Trow Dewinne

Gods Lost by Daniel Holliday

Horror Stories by Curtis Threadgold

I Need a Sixer! by Jesse Mattson

Identity by Kurt Choate

Las Nogas by Catya Plate

Murphy’s Gulch by Jeff Bassetti

Not a Creature was Stirring by Michael Hogan

Suck-Up by Gil Saint

The Barn by Sophie Black & Tommy Draper

The Birdwatcher by Lachlan Marks

The Boneyard by M.R. Fitzgerald

The Peregrine by Justin Giddings

The Summoning by Marion McDowell

The Toy Rabbit by Russell Whaley

TheoMORPHIS by Sam Moony

Vermillion by Christina Bryant

Watcher by Alan Sanchez

Zasha by Margarita Zhitnikova & Jeffrey Weber

Joseph Perry
Joseph Perry fell in love with horror films as a preschooler when he first saw the Gill-Man swim across the TV screen in "The Creature from The Black Lagoon" and Mothra battle Godzilla in "Godzilla Vs. The Thing.” His education in fright fare continued with TV series such as "The Twilight Zone" and "Outer Limits," along with legendary northern California horror host Bob Wilkins’ "Creature Features." His love for silver age and golden age comic books, including horror titles from Gold Key, Dell, and Marvel started around age 5.

He is a contributing writer for the "Phantom of the Movies VideoScope" and “Drive-In Asylum” print magazines and the websites Horror Fuel, Diabolique Magazine, The Scariest Things, B&S About Movies, and When It Was Cool. He is a co-host of the "Uphill Both Ways" pop culture nostalgia podcast and also writes for its website. Joseph occasionally proudly co-writes articles with his son Cohen Perry, who is a film critic in his own right.

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