The New Trailer For ‘Nightshift’ Proves Why You Shouldn’t Work Third Shift At A Morgue

There’s been plenty of creepy morgue inspired horror flicks but I have to say – this new one getting set to roll out from director Yam LaranasNightshift – looks to up that creep factor just a bit.

Check out the trailer – you’ll see what I mean.

So, here’s the thing. Nightshift has no US release slated as of yet. It will be debuting in its home county of The Philippines on Jan. 22nd so, here’s hoping that some US distribution news is not far behind.

Yam Concepcion stars as:

a young woman working at a morgue who is trapped there by a harsh storm outside. Sleep-deprived and dealing with her own recent tragedy, she becomes alarmed by the sudden jerks and groans from the bodies around her. As a very long shift drags on, she begins to mentally blur the line between the living and the dead. Though she doesn’t believe in life after death, she begins to wonder if she’s living through the end of the world — while trapped at work. In a morgue.

I’ll keep you updated when any news comes in of when we might get to set eyes on this one.

Dave Dreher
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