Backward Creepin’ with Christopher G. Moore – Indie Infestation

The boys of summer, the summer of Infestation that is, are back with a very special guest; award-winning director of such films you all may have heard of like “Disengaged”, “Knob Goblin” and “Gut Punched” it is none other than Christopher G. Moore. Christopher joined the fellas minus Seaman (although it felt like he was there) to talk about his upcoming film “Backward Creep”.

Backward Creep coming soon

Christopher has had a lot of success with his past films. One that everyone seems to know and love features a special lil’ guy named Knobby, he is the “Knob Goblin”. Fans are waiting for the feature-length where Christopher says Knobby may get loose in a strip club!

Christopher with Knobby

Aside from films, the guys talked about Christopher’s love for cosplay. Anyone that follows Christopher on social media has to be aware of his awesome creativity from Daft Punkywise to the Doof Warrior to everyone’s favorite Dr. Stranger Things. Joe and Christopher talked of their fondness for “Brightburn”; Christopher revealed there is a Brightburn cosplay coming soon!

Christopher as Dr. Stranger Things

Joe and Christopher have podcasted together in the past for Gruesome magazine and had the distinct pleasure of podcasting with the late, great Black Saint, Santos Ellin Jr. Joe and Christopher reminisced at how much they missed Santos’s reaction to films, especially bad ones. If you are unfamiliar with Santos, by all means, go listen to some old podcasts of Horror News Radio, you will not be disappointed. Santos is the reason Joe got into podcasting and the reason the mustard will forever remain dropped.

Joe, Doc Rotten, Santos and Christopher attending Monster Mania in Cherry Hill back in 2017

Go check out Christopher’s films and go support this guy, he’s an awesome guy who puts his all into what he does. Joe, Zane, and Mike will be representing Indie Infestation and Scream Team Releasing Labor Day weekend at GenreBlast IV, come say hi and see some awesome films and awesome people. Now get ready to crank the volume to 11 and feel the vibes of the Infestation as they consume you.

Come see us at Genre Blast IV

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