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Indie Infestation was back from vacation to celebrate Independence Day with a little fireworks of their own. Joe and Zane welcomed guest host actor/director/producer Chad “don’t call me Burns” Bruns. The guest on this week’s episode comes to us from north of the border in Canada, it is writer/director producer Sebastien Godin. Sebastien stated that his best friends growing up were monsters which was a huge inspiration for him with one of his more recent favorites being Shin Godzilla.

Shin Godzilla

Sebastien has definitely progressed throughout the years and states that his love for one of the best werewolf films ever, “An American Werewolf in London”. Speaking of wolves Sebatien made a werewolf film of his own with a way different take called “Lycanimator”.

“Lycanimator” poster

Being a huge fan of Full Moon, Sebastien made another recent short film that was a sort of tribute to min-monster films such as “Ghoulies” and “Hideous”. Sebastien’s “Slimoids” is a recent film where he got well known 80’s horror actress Brinke Stevens to voice the main character.

“Slimoids” poster

Sebastien’s upcoming film is what really has him pumped. Sebastein will be bringing to life his very own dino-monster in “Dinogore”. The title alone has the boys intrigued and Sebatien’s explanation of the film will make a lot of horror fans smile.

“Dinogore” poster

This certainly is a fun episode as questions are posed of film and monster design rankings, Chad and Joe champion “Buffy” the tv series while Zane objects, Justin wasn’t there but has a sweet and salty treat for everyone and Cookie lips was away making “dough”! Now that the sparkler shows are over kick back, crank the volume to 11 and let the fireworks display that is the Infestation consume you!

Also look for Zane, Mike and Joe at VHS Fest this weekend at the Mahoning Drive-In in Lehighton, PA where they will be at the Scream Team Releasing table! You can learn more about VHS Fest at:

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